Political Idealogy – Yes

Politicians enter government to gain power and too see their ideology put into practise. Many countries have two main political powers which oppose each other in government. This polarises the people to support one side or the other in most cases, therefore the views of each side often wear off on the public. Either the two sides are completely different or both are very similar in order to appeal to the widest audience possible. When one side does wrong the other jumps on the publics opinion and takes it as their own in order to gain appeal. They will change their views to suit the situation or will simply deny making an opposing view in the first place.

When the public make a fuss over something that covers both parties then it’s a rush to be the first ones to show their agreement with the populaces view. For example the fox hunting ban in the UK began as a public outcry over the sport. The two main UK parties and the main third party all tried to be on the publics side. When the publics view became more split, mainly on a class divide the parties could fight again.

To get their ideology across when it’s not popular, the governments will find all ways possible to get the point across eventually. With the single currency in Europe it was a case with many countries of the government allowing a referendum so the people could vote yes or no. Of course they allowed this when the government knew the outcome and could influence the right amount of people to make sure. In the UK the government wants us to go into the single currency but knows the public majority doesn’t so has managed to weasel out of a vote using excuses all the way. Even claiming the public didn’t understand the situation well enough to make a reasoned decision. Despite this they keep saying we will one day be involved.

If the politicians or their party want to get something accepted they will do all they can to get it done. They will keep mentioning it at every opportunity; they will say how a crisis would have been prevented if the thing had been introduced and they will say how they will hold on to the plan until its done. They will talk about the situation in the press and will make sure all the party mentions the thing at every opportunity. In the end the public will be so brainwashed with the subject they may accept it in the end or will give in and accept it through the pressure. The will of the politicians will break the will of the people.