Physics is an ever changing world of understanding. One day you may think that the Earth is made up of simple things like stones and water and the next thing you know, objects are really made up of miniscule particles or even infinitely small strings. 

The main goal of physics today is to formulate a theory that will explain everything from exactly how gravity works, to how exactly certain an experiment will turn out. This theory was appropriately named the Theory of Everything, but this theory as I previously stated has not been made.

To get closer to this theory, we first need to link the theories we currently have in a neat and organized fashion, or completely change the theories so that they work together. The theories physicists are trying to link together are the Theory of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, but most people follow one or the other and both describe two different things.

Einstein’s famous theory of relativity explains how we move relative to other things and explains how large objects like planets move in space. Quantum mechanics, however, explain very well how very small particles move and act.

Until very recently, we had no idea where to begin, but at CERN labs they made an immense discovery. They discovered that it was indeed possible to accelerate particles faster than light. This may not sound very exciting, but it may be one of the most important discoveries in the history of physics. This discovery totally contradicts what Einstein has said.

His famous E=MC2 states that it takes an infinite amount of energy to travel faster than the speed of light, CERN has proved him wrong along with countless physicists that have based their work on Einstein’s theories. Along with discrediting Einstein’s theory of special relativity, this also questions the validity of his genius. These discoveries at CERN are the next leap in physics without a single doubt. It may be wise to put down the string theory for a while and permanently toss away the theory of special relativity to further study these findings. Thank you CERN for your discoveries and keep working hard. (Thanks to Einstein, I’ve wasted countless hours reading his theories and books about them, now that they have been disproved I guess I’ll have to get into quantum mechanics or something…)