Phospholipidsphospholipidphosphotidyl Cholinelecithinphosphotidyl Serinephospholipids Benefits

Human cells possess implausibly complexed structure and made up of many compounds, among them a group of essential fats called phospholipids. A sophisticated and refined combination of essential phospholipids (EPL) comprises of phosphotidyl Choline (lecithin), phosphotidyl Serine, phosphotidylethanolamine, phosphotidylinositol, in addition to linoleic and linolenic polyunsaturated fatty acids, and are encapsulated in minute sized liposomes for maximum absorption.

Phospholipids are the substances that are needed by every living cell in the body and their high concentration is especially found in brain cells. Phospholipids are the perfect compound for the formation of biological membrane and play a crucial role in the maintenance of a healthy cell membrane. Phospholipids comprise of phosphotidyl Choline (lecithin), phosphotidyl Serine, phosphotidylethanolamine and phosphotidylinositol. Phospholipids possess bipolar structure that is essential for performing the biological functions in a cell membrane. The structure of phospholipids comprises of one fat soluble portion and a water soluble portion, which provides a stability and integrity to the cell membrane.

Healthful Features of Phospholipids

Provides Energy for Metabolism

Phosphotidyl Choline that is a constituent of Phospholipid helps in break down of fats and provides energy for the metabolism and various bodily functions.

Complex System of Communication

Phospholipids provide a communicating system between the cells to perform various activities and to coordinate cell actions and transfer signals to their respective destinations.

Cardiovascular Support

The changes in phospholipids are usually related with changes in the cholesterol levels.  High levels of cholesterol can cause various heart problems. Phosphotidyl Choline is a type of phospholipids that exerts a positive impact on cardiac fitness and provides cardiovascular support by preventing the cholesterol deposition on the walls of the blood vessels.

Liver Health

Phosphotidyl Choline helps prevent gall stones and problems associated with liver.

Mental Clarity

Phosphotidyl Choline is a safe and valuable substance that improves mental clarity and certain brain related problems.

Memory loss

Phosphotidyl serine is copiously present in the brain cells; that maintains healthy cell membrane, improves memory and learning abilities.

Anxiety & Depression

Phosphotidyl serine plays an unambiguous role in supporting healthy and positive moods and can provide relief from the conditions of anxiety and depression.

Provide Fastest Recovery after Strenuous Activity

Phosphotidyl serine also has potential to reduce the amount of tissue breakdown that occur during strenuous activity, thus provides a faster recovery.

Indeed, phopsholipids provide a better support to improve the brain health and its addition in diet is a smart step in the right way.