Paranormal Telepathic Spiritual Gifts of Autism need Scientific Exploration

Science and spirituality are mutually supportive. Innate knowledge equates to spiritual astuteness. One is not separate form the other. To define a scientific principal without accepting the spiritual basis of all thought I believe is a disservice to humanity. We are spirit first and knowledge second.We are therefore we think.We are therefore we create. We are therefore we discover. Paranormal activity and spiritual phenomena are interrelated.

I strongly believe Individuals diagnosed with severe autism are truly amazing souls who have much to teach us about consciousness. Thus far, scientists seem uninterested or unwilling to explore the spiritual or subconscious connections that they demonstrate.

I participated in telepathically (for want of a better word) sending word and images for many years. Non-verbal students can type letter for letter and word for word what I mentally send to them. Many with verbal ability can say what I send if the category is limited. (I.e. numbers, shapes, colors) Some verbal autistic individuals have even done it through opaque barriers and surprising even to me over the phone. Although these verbal individuals perform way beyond typical people, they are not nearly as adept as their non-verbal peers, who do not need a limited field of possibilities. Holding the keyboard, touching them or sitting in close proximity is necessary. Inadvertent subtle cuing may also part of the process, but even taking that into account, their ability goes beyond the currently explainable. Is it an evolved form of telepathy? Are we joining at a subconscious level? Could brain-imaging technology shed light on this phenomenon?

I have so many questions I hope to see investigated.

Are brain wave patterns being altered? Are they being entrained? Is a sympathetic resonance occurring? What areas of the brain are being activated? Is there a measurable increase in blood flow between the sender and receiver during transmission? What similarities does this process have to hypnosis? Does adhering another’s vibration help their brain filter material? Does it help them experience a more typical perceptual reality? Does the person serving as a catalyst provide the stimulus needed for them to access a response? Do these radiations produce image or thought receiving experiences by acting on the temporal lobe? Do sub-vocalizations enhance the process? Does aligning with the sender’s rhythm help them perform in a synchronized manner? Does it help them feel more grounded and attune to the frequency of the earth? Is the pineal gland primarily hyper rather than hypo active in people with severe helping them become more connected to the spiritual realm? Can blending consciousness form a unique frequency? And the list goes on!

Pursuing the answers could dramatically enhance our current understanding of consciousness. My ability to send is very strong. If there are scientists who do not discount extra sensory abilities, and are eager to rigorously question all aspects of the phenomenon to determine what is valid, please contact me. Currently, these phenomenal individuals are being under utilized and in effect so am I.

Albert Einstein “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”