Paranormal Activity or Mental Illness

In life, a lot of people confuse Para-normal Activity with Mental Illness, even with Schizophrenia. But today I concentrate on the first two.

Firstly, let me start by giving the meanings of them:

Paranormal Activity is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside “the range of normal explanation”  or that indicates phenomena that are understood to be outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure. Paranormal phenomena are distinct from certain hypothetical entities, such as dark energy, insofar as paranormal phenomena are inconsistent with the world as already understood through scientific methodology. (Referenced from Wikipedia)

My Beliefs about Paranormal activity is: that they are experiences that border upon the range outside of  normality’s or even scientific explanation but that they are real as I am a person who suffers from sights and hearings of paranormal activity. I see it as a gift and a curse as you can see or hear things before they happen but because at times you cannot prevent these things from happening, you feel as though it is your fault for not being able to intervene which in turn can lead you to mental illness.

A mental disorder or mental illness is a behavioral pattern that occurs in an individual and is thought to cause distress or disability that is not expected as part of culture. The recognition and understanding of mental health conditions has changed over time and across cultures, and there are still variations in the definition, assessment, and classification of mental disorders, although standard guideline criteria are widely accepted. (Referenced from Wikipedia)

My belief about Mental Illness is: It is the breakdown of your psychological, mental and physical behaviour and day to day functions. Some people cannot cope with activities that go on around them that they may indulge or be a part of, such as drugs (cocaine, marijuana, etc), rejections may cause it as well, but many people are institutionalised as Mentally Ill because of Paranormal Activities that take place. The latter is done because many people seek psychological help for this phenomenon, whereas all they need to do is to embrace it as a day to day normality for themselves as many see these activities as “Madness, Craziness and/or Mental Disorders” causing their actions and ideas to be questioned at every angle.

 My Story

I  am a 22 year old young lady who has seen many things and I have been haunted and tormented by many things but through embracing being a “paranormal” I live with some comfort knowing that in certain areas I am more educated than some geniuses.

I see more ways to life than the average person and I tend to read further into things than they would. And majority of the times my  sight and readings are correct. Many people believe that “Paranormal Activity” is a big hoax and no one actually sees or hears these things. I have been studying things that some people would not dream to study as they do not wish to encounter certain “entities or dark energies” as they would say. I study many Religions from Christianity to atheists. I myself am a Christian, but I believe there are evil forces around us and I seek them out not by doing witchcraft, any psychic readings or any other corrupted way of finding out about them but by researching through books and newspapers, the Internet, movies and even conversations with people.

An example of this would be a murder that was done not too long ago. A man and his son was shot, the man was shot in his arm and his son shot in the chest. The man lived but his son died, the young man was only 11. I read the newspaper about the matter and found that nothing was said about a burglary nor any motives to show that the incident was an act of violence. I further looked into the matter by reading the newspaper daily about the incident and also having conversations with others about it to hear their views. Missing the “Big Picture”. The father had been photographed with his hand in a cast and on his finger he wore a ring a symbol of the occult that he is in. I thought to myself how could I miss this. The father is a member of a Lodge, now from conversations with others about the Lodge and my findings about them, it is very difficult to revoke the vows which you have taken. The father was looking for a way out and was caught. Now, as many people said, the father had killed his son but his reason was not as they had said it was based upon his religion. He was there denied the one thing that he held most dear to him, His Son, but not only that but his only child.

I subsequently told a lot of people my ideas about what had happened and the links were put in place especially when he tried to escape from torment of living without his child and knowing that he himself had done it. This man is now undergoing treatment because of mental illness, due to the fact that people do not understand what and why this man is going through and why he is going through it.

 Paranormal Activities do not come only as physical activities but also emotional and mental. Some people get dreams and  they interpret them and others see their dreams as mere dreams and nothing else.

My father was such a dreamer, dreamed and foresaw so many things to come that he even wrote them down. He told general officials of the parliament about his dreams as he had one which he thought was related to our homeland but was not. It was related to the United States. He dreamt of a plane crashing into a tower, just one seeming to him as our central bank, which is the tallest building on our island. He was placed in the  Psychiatric Hospital deemed as mentally unstable and “MAD”. Being given medication for something which he clearly did not need medication for. The medication made him worst. Causing him to see more things,  more dreams, even seeing dead and evil or dark entities. He could not cope so he drank alcohol to help suppress “the visions, the duppies and all the others which he saw.” In 1999, my father could not handle it anymore and committed suicide. This is why I say Paranormal Activity is not Mental illness. It can cause it, but, it is up to you and your methods of dealing with it.

 The only time that I will clearly say that someone is mentally ill is if they are unable to function for themselves as a person in society who can provide for themselves or has a split personality and does not remember doing the things which they are known to have done. My reason for this is because many of the people who are deemed as “Mental Patients” are actually more educated and brilliant  than those who pass their judgement. So before you call someone “mad, crazy, deranged, mentally ill or any other word that means that they are not mentally able to cope with the normality’s of life, Think before you speak, because that person may be the person to touch your life or even save it. My father saved his family and friends and even some people he did not know from death and other day to day negativity. Unfortunately, no one understood him or his motives, to save his.