Orgaon Donation – Yes

The gift of life organ and tissue donation is desperately needed, and with very few people willing to donate. Asking for the donor to disclose their medical history may cause an even bigger reduction in donation. On the flip side of that coin, a recipient should have as much information about the donor’s medical history as possible. Accepting a donation is a very big decision and mustn’t be taken lightly.

Knowing the medical history allows the recipient a say in rather they would like to continue, or decline the donation. A healthy lifestyle means healthier organs and tissues, or that is the hopes of the recipient, genetics play a important  role as well. Knowing as much information as possible will give peace of mind to the recipient.

We all want a voice in our care, this should be no different  having freedom to express concerns play a vital role in how well a patient will heal and more importantly how the new organ will survive in it’s host’s body. The less a client has to worry the better the out come will be. The donation centers screen all donors thoroughly every precaution is taken to assure the  recipient that they are in fact getting a healthy organ. There just seems to be that one little piece f the puzzle that gets over looked, the need for control.

By giving the client as much information as one can allows the recipient to feel in control, this gives them the comfort in knowing they have made the right choice in their health, and they played a vital role in managing their own care. 

Will this be considered a violation of client  doctor privacy?  Information should only be shared on a need to know basis, with the understanding that if the client rejects an organ, the information shared will not be shared with the general public. Keeping private and highly confidential medical information will play an important role to rather or not donor’s will be willing to donate in the future. The need for organ donation is at an all time high.

Policies would have to be drawn up ensuring both the recipient and donor that any and all medical information be held strictly confidential, and if for any reason if this information is to be shared with out permission on either parties the consequences would be sever.  This will allow both parties the peace of mind in knowing that one as a donor  I am doing a good deed  in helping save a life, second that in doing so you the recipient respect my need for privacy, and honor my wishes as not to disclose my medical history with the world.