Organized Crime the Rise of the Mexican Drug Trade

For years Mexico has struggled with its trafficking of drugs and weapons and power control through organized crime.  But recently, drugs and violence have been on the rise.  As Mexico is referred to as a third world country people still struggle make a living and occupation that is honest and productive for their future.  As a result, many have become lured into the lucrative market with drug cartels that also involves weapons and violence.  A major consumer of the drugs produced in Mexico is the United States according to reports which has allowed and encouraged the rise of drug trade over the years.  Though Mexico and United States are seemingly working together to counter their narcotic and other drug issues; they continue making it and profiting from it.

Much of the trafficked and smuggled drugs include mostly Marijuana and methamphetamines and some Heroin.  However, the drug problems are not simple and relate to instability in the government and local enforcement agencies.  “Mexican cartels allegedly have used their vast financial resources to corrupt Mexican public officials who either turn a blind eye to cartel activities or work directly for them” (Cook, 2007).  More recently, there has been struggle for power in the drug producing business which has resulted in outbreak of violence.  Though many of the victims of violence have some direct involvement with the drug production, affiliation and routes into the U.S.; some others who have no involvement are caught in the crossfire.  Many of the crimes are done to people to exploit their wrong doings such as cutting off their tongue when found after being killed for spilling some information on the operations.

With the borders of Mexico and U.S. being so close; there is the need to breakdown the drug demands and drugs requested from the U.S.  Though the U.S. has stringent anti-drug policies there is a visible proof that contradicts a completely anti-drug nation.  But if drugs are not an issue in the U.S.; there may be another location drugs are routed too and will need to be discovered.  As with Afghanistan which is also unstable but much more at this time due to wars and other issues; the drug trade business has grown when there was a demand found for Opium derived from the poppy that grows well on its lands.  The desperation to survive lead to involvement in drugs and money made from it as a result especially when that is all people know to survive.

While Mexico and the United States continue to work together to control and reduce drug cartels and violence the public doesn’t seem to think their security is improving but getting worst.  “A poll released Jan 11 by Mexico’s national statistics institute found that more than 70 percent of their respondents believed their security has worsened since 2009” (Hildago 2011).  Many citizens fear for safety and the Mexican government is working on realigning their police forces to improve them.


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