Ooparts a Branch of Archaeology or Mere Trickery

Most of us have experience with Ooparts as a part of our fair going and roadside attraction experience. That gosh awful looking creature that appears to be a hybrid of something gross and something frightening has us talking for hours as we debate whether it is real or fake, what it could be, where it came from, and what it is.

From the Mothman, to the Jackalope, to the Space Acorn, many Ooparts exist only on the word of eyewitnesses to a variety of bizarre and unexplainable claims. Others are clearly masterpieces of taxidermy, acrylic art, and other crafts.

Other ooparts are legitimate finds. Constructions that are far beyond the technological capacities of a civilization, substances or effects that are beyond our current technology, and artifacts that are found in ancient locations, but which are out of place on the time scale, are undoubted, real, and remain unexplained to this day. Some ooparts have been explained through developments in technology and science. Bronze age artifacts that are found buried in sites that predated the Bronze age, for example, are explained through examination of the history of natural and man made forces that cause layers of earth and civilization to be mixed up and mixed together.

Some ooparts are constructs of interpretation, religious and mental desire to confirm or deny the existence of aliens, to fake the national origin of human beings, and to prove non evolutionary processes. The Piltdown man, a forgery by Dr. Kenneth Oakley and or others, was Great Britain’s greatest scientific hoax. If the hoax had been successful, it would have proved that the first ape/human came from Britain, turning the science of evolution over on it’s head.

We all know that Stonehenge has never been explained, as such primitive societies did not show evidence of the technology required to lift and place the massive headstones. The famous and ancient Nazca lines of Peru extend over miles and can only make sense from an aircraft, yet they are perfectly and exquisitely executed. These lines have been the subject of much disagreement and some attempts to prove that they can be done with simple tools and without extraterrestrial and advanced help.

As a result, ooparts are the stuff of legendary, hilarious fakery and also the stuff that tests even our advanced abilities to explain the presence of out of place or inexplicable finds. As a whole, ooparts are scientific mysteries that exceed our abilities to explain them, they are also the results of scientific misinterpretation, the stuff of legends, and are often outright trickery.

Piltdown Man

Nazca Lines