On Participating in the Flow of Time

Time exists, and we exist. Time exists because we are aware of the physical movements of the sun and the moon as they appear and re-appear at regular intervals, with the accompanying light and dark that surrounds us. We can record these intervals with mechanical or structural devices, such as a sundial. These mechanical and structural devices have units of measurements, such as minutes and hours, or spatial dimensions, and we are able to observe as these units of measurements pass. We are also aware of the movements of other physical things, such as people, animals and automobiles, as they travel from one point to another. Coaches have started and stopped stop watches to record how long it takes a runner to traverse set distances. Some runners or walkers can run or walk a certain distance in the time it takes for the sun to come up and for it to set. The rising and setting of the sun performs its routine in a very apparent schema.

Old people are aware that many years ago they looked young and vibrant, but now they have changed so dramatically, they can hardly take it in and accept it. It took time and physical processes to do this.

If time were not to exist, then we could not assess and measure performance, for growth and performance is “not done in an instant”, for if it were, then all growth would be instantaneous, or growth and change would never happen, but growth and change is not like that, for growth and change need “time”. That fact that changes take place is evidence of time’s existence.

The more effort and physical and mental focus we have on whatever we are doing, the more we are aware of how much thought and effort is needed, in a given time, to be productive or to finish a project. Time will always pass, and it will pass very quickly. When you see and hear the tick of a clock, you are aware that each tick takes only a brief moment. Jut as the tick of a clock passes in an instant, so a longer period of time also passes quickly, and also in a brief moment if we are well focused, productively working, and happy in what we are doing. If we are so set on watching the time without focusing on the project at hand, we are likely to experience pain, frustration and difficulty as are aware of time’s passage.

If you are sleeping, you are not aware of time, although your body’s physical processes are always functioning, and you are well aware of these when you awake in the morning because when you went to sleep, you did not have to use the toilet, but when you wake up, you do, and as a keen observer of biology and physical mechanisms, you know your body used the time to perform a slow processing of matter.

Spiritually and emotionally speaking, if you are busy and productive and happy in what you are doing, time is not a worry and pain, but a source of joy as reality, encased in time, delivers its wonders.