Oil Spill Florida Louisana

Florida isn’t Waiting

With all the turmoil about wanting the federal government to step in and do something about the impending oil spill and it’s effect on local beaches and the tourism industry, Florida has decided to do something unique and cutting edge.

The state and local governments have decided to go it alone and fix the problem themselves. WOW, who would have ever thought of doing something like that, someone wants to solve their own problems instead of waiting for the government to do it for them.
Walton County Florida has decided to go ahead and build barrier dams along the coast to stop the flow of oil on shore. too bad Louisiana hasn’t caught on to this idea. Governor Jindall of Louisiana is doing an excellent job and this is also on of his ideas, however in Louisiana he is fighting an uphill battle. Too many of the residents have developed an entitlement mentality. Let’s just let the federal government do it, it is easier that way, then when something goes wrong, we can blame them.

This mentality has been evident in the past, the most obvious was hurricane Katrina, too many people just sat there waiting and finger pointing. When a major storm strikes Florida or many other areas, the citizens jump in with chain saws, shovels, hammer and nails and start rebuilding, they don’t have time to whine or complain to CNN.

Coming from the mid west, I lived in tornado country, when a tornado or storm hit, people were busy repairing the damage as soon as the storm was over, long before the storm clouds disappeared. It was neighbor helping neighbor, much similar as to what occurred in Nashville during the recent flooding. CNN never gave that much coverage because the people were busy, they didn’t have time to complain or blame some one else, hence no pity parties.

Sooner or later I hope people realize government can’t fix all your problems, in fact they can’t fix any of them, when they interfere,the bureaucracy,egos, and paper work only makes the situation  worse.

 Our ancestors didn’t build this country by expecting handouts from the government, they built it by spending a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, not by cashing FEMA checks or by waiting on someone else to do it for them,when someone else pays your bills  or supports you, you only become their slave.

 I think it’s time to return to those values and principles and abolish slavery once and for all.