Nucluer Power Ecology

Nuclear reactors are, by their nature, very unsafe. The process of nuclear fission that occurs in them is very radioactive like the element that is used most Uranium. This has a large effect on the surrounding ecosystem. In Japan where the nuclear bombs were dropped, people are still suffering from the after effects that they caused, such as cancer and an inability to live in Hiroshima or Nagasaki because they would live there and die very quickly. There are very few organisms that live in those two areas.

These two things show that a nuclear reaction that occurs has adverse effects that continue for years. People who work in nuclear power plants have many negative health effects ranging from infertility to cancer and several other lesser health problems. A nuclear plant is not a safe or clean alternative fuel as it has been hyped up to be because it uses radioactive materials to produce electricity and radioactive materials cause changes in organisms DNA which leads to health issues.  

There are many other things that we should use that would be safer and have a lesser impact on the environment in a negative way. Nuclear power could lead, if used excessively, to another mass extinction event that would lead to the world being a very boring place; just because humans haven’t been around on earth for a long time doesn’t mean that we can’t cause our own extinction should we make the entire planet a radioactive wasteland.

All of the other mass exticntion events in the history of life on earth have ended when the factor that caused the event to start ended and, in this case, the factor is human pollution of the earth, so we must either stop or drive ourself to extinction. Either way, we can not allow the governments of the world to use nuclear power to fuel their countries. It is by far worse than even the burning of coal.

To keep the world a diverse place, we must stop polluting it, and when we stop polluting it in one way, we cannot start polluting it in a different way. No matter how unrelated the things may seem, they are both pollution and they both cause bad affects to the biosphere, including humans.

I ask the everyone who is against the use of nucluer power please leave a comment here so that we can send this as a petition to the governments of the world that we do not want to stop polluting the earth in one way just so we can pollute it in a different way.