Mobile Phone to Children: Is it Bad or Good

Mobile radiation effects in children


“Waiting for high levels of scientific and clinical proof before taking action to prevent well-known risks can lead to very high health and economic costs”

These are the words quoted by the scientific council of European Union on regards to the study report of IARC (international agency for research on cancer) WORLD HEALTH ORGANIASTION’S view of classifying mobile phone as POSSIBLE CARCINOGENIC.

There is no specific scientific evidence still now whether mobile phone radiations cause any particular effect on the health of people. It is surely ridiculous to wait for the time consuming scientific, clinical and sociological studies to come out for the authorities to take necessary actions against these possible hazardous things which have great influence in the health of the public. The main threat of these is on the health of the children whose makes the future of the society. We have waited and also waiting for the studies on the effect of asbestoses, petrol and also on the impact of smoking on lung cancer and also other health problems. Even these studies are very much influenced by the strong multinational companies who makes and market theses products in both developed and developing nations. So even in the case of mobile phones, also they may influence the studies which can spoil their profits.

How children are affected more

Unlike the adults the children are on their growing state. The cells are rapidly dividing and the tissues are in the state of growth, so the radiations can affect the gene coding which are the basis of their replication and growth. Also the thickness of skull is very less compared to adults so the area of brain exposure to radiation is more compared to adults. So the children may be the vulnerable sector who can be affected very easily by these hazardous radiations.

According to the WHO the recommendations covers all the non-ionizing radiofrequency electromagnetic fields which includes the mobile phones and the wireless internet access. The recommendation is to ban the use of mobile phones in schools and also to give preference to the use of wired internet connections. Especially for children’s under the age of 18. .


A lot of studies where conducted from 1990’s to 2011 regarding the use of mobile phones and health hazards.

1. Study by international journal of epidemiology in 1998 shows that there is no significant increase in risk of glioma and meningioma( types of brain tumors) by use of mobile phones.

2. A study by Australian radiation production and nuclear safety agency recommends limit of exposure by reducing call time and encouraging use of hands fee. They also recommend to limit its use by children.

3. In 2007 a study by Dr.Lennart Hardell- found risk of malignant glioma, a higher rate of acoustic neuroma, also the tumors more seen in sides of head where we use modiles more., also use of 1 hour of phone increase the risk of tumors

4. IN Feb 2008 a study by Dr. Vini Khurana a Neurosurgean from Australia writes ”there is increase body of evidence………for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumors”.


On going through the studies conducted from 1990 to till date. Even if in the former studies there was not much evidence in the increase in the rate of cancer chances by the use of mobile phone. But as the use of mobiles increases from year to year the exposure rate each and every persons are increased and the radiation exposure from mobiles, towers and also other electromagnetic sources are showing an increase in signs ad symptoms of different chronic diseases in the body.

It many take many more years to come out with a full scientific evidence by the scientists about the pros and cones on the mobile usage. So write now the European Union has taken a correct step by publishing the article. That will make the people rethink on the use of mobile profoundly.


Pros and Cones of Mobile Usage by Children’s


· Can contact them easily

· Can be used them in emergency

· Internet can be assessed by children very easily which helps in their studies


· Non ionizing radiation threats.

· Chances of cancer in brain

· Chances of children exposed to porn sites etc more

· Chances of children especially in teens engaging in cyber crimes

· Chances of growth problems in very young children’s

· Chances of mutations in sex cells in children

· Chances of infertility etc in people especially in males due to radiation

What Parents Can Do:

· Never give mobile to children below 5 yrs even for playing

· Don’t allow children to take mobiles to schools

· Better allow the children to use mobiles only after 18 yrs

· Educate them of the hazards to use of mobiles

· Don’t put mobiles in pockets use separate pouch for mobiles

· Try to use always head phones

· Force the schools to ban mobiles, also ask them to use internet through cables than wireless.

· Don’t allow children to use mobiles more than one hour a day.

· Encourage them to use fixed lines more

· Never allow them to use internet in mobiles.

[N.B:- non ionizing radiation :- Non-ionizing radiation is the term given to radiation in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum where there is insufficient energy to cause ionization. It includes electric and magnetic fields, radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, and visible radiation]