Minds Eyes and Ears inner Voice Visions

The mind’s eyes and ears:

Can you hear it? Listen; listen very carefully. Say inwardly to yourself: That’s amazing!’ Did you hear it? Your own voice -inside your head. How can you hear that? What is the audiological mechanism and process that allows you to generate a sound inside your head? Do it again. Isn’t that amazing?

Now you see it. You are visualising; getting a sneak peak at something in your mind’s eye. How can you see that? Was it a person, pet, building or sunset? What is that image imprinting upon that allows you to see something ghostly within your mind?

These moments, those daydreams, the fantasies and dreams, those flashbacks and nightmares; the unreal stuff that goes on inside your head could be the only thing that separates us from so-called lower’ animals. We share some intelligence, language, culture, tool making abilities and emotions, but the ability to project ourselves inward may be unique to us.

Is this our consciousness or even our soul, the things that cannot be measured or found or fathomed because they are not part of the physical body? They are the result of the entanglement of neurons and proteins, fats and muscle, nature and nurture. Are these voices and images the only things left of us after death floating around in the ether, astray until caught by another on a spiritual plane, seen as a fleeting ghost or heard as laughter on a summer’s breeze?

Think of your voice. Where is that sound from? Does it sound like you – or braver, funnier, or sexier? Is it left or right brain oriented? Does it speak another language? Does it tell you to do bad things? Does the voice hurt; is it loud; do you listen to it? Is it the Id, the Ego or the Super Ego, pulling up memories or creating fresh tales? When you talk to yourself (yes you do!) who wins? Does it drive you crazy, especially with that song repeating over and over? Have you ever tried to find the voice deep inside you? Has it ever disappeared? Do you hear multiple voices? Is it really there or a figment of your imagination? Think about it.

Their face is so familiar almost in sharp relief, but blurred and never exact for more than a fleeting moment. Yet you saw it, somewhere inside your head, plain as day. Where is it playing; on which mental screen? Is it before your eyes or just beyond your vision? How long can you make it last for?… Whoops that hurts too much concentration. Think of yourself. As with the internal sound system does the image really look like you? Better looking, confident, or smiling? Is the image left or right brain oriented? Is it the Id, the Ego or the Super Ego, pulling up memories or creating fresh images? How vivid is the image colour or monochrome? Do you imitate the actions in these images? When your inner voice speaks do the words flash before you? Have you ever tried to find the image deep inside you? Is the image in a square box like a TV or diffuse and blurry? Can you see the answer?

What is the voice; what is that image; where are they from? Are they evolutionary advances that provide a coping mechanism, a protective system, a society weaver or anti-sensory deprivation device; a link to the inner self with action rewind and replay? We have something inside us so astounding. The voices and images from another reality, the future or the past, our wishes, messages from beyond, our real self, our other self, the person you want to be. The mind’s eyes and ears are us; everything we want to be and more. It grounds us, sends us soaring and unleashes the ultimate you. So watch and listen; don’t become trapped within yourself, let the inner voice and vision free.