Mind Tricks used by Psychology Professionals on Family Members

“Mind tricks” sounds like something that could be fun, doesn’t it? In worst-case scenarios, it is anything but. Psychology professionals have gone through years of study and practice – training, working in hospitals, mental health facilities, or private practice, and have fine-tuned the art of manipulation of the mind (which is necessary in order to get to the root of the many issues their clients bring to therapy sessions.) The professionals who regularly deal with the subtleties of the mind may have perfected mind tricks and mind games so well that even their closest family members and friends are unsuspecting about how and when they are being manipulated by the use of psychological mind tricks.

For example, when one spouse is a psychology professional and the other is not, an insidious twisting of the non-professional spouse’s mind can occur. It is a form of abuse that is so gradual and unexpected that the spouse is completely unaware they are being brainwashed, and that some part of their psyche is being changed so that eventually, they will not even recognize themselves as the people they were – nor will their families and friends. In fact, the psychology professional may extend this type of abuse to include their children and others who are equally unsuspecting and unaware.

Why it happens

This is a situation that is seldom even suspected by those who have a great deal of faith in the expertise of psychology professionals. Since it is not commonly suspected, this form of mental and psychological abuse can easily happen with nobody the wiser. We would wonder how and why it’s possible, when we trust in the people who deal with our issues and help us out of unhealthy mental states. In reality, we only see the psychologist or psychiatrist in their office, in a controlled environment. We have no idea about the professional’s private life if they are not very self-disclosing. We may be being hoodwinked ourselves.

In the psychology professional’s private life, abuse of family members may result from the need to have complete control over a spouse and family. We might say it is entirely a matter of control. It is the abuse of the power gained by the professional in the field of mental health, power that has been enhanced by dealing with patients who seek help. There is a great amount of expertise after having been in the realm of “brain work” for some time. Abuse of the power that comes from being in a position of authority sometimes manifests in the desire or need of the psychology professional to control the people and situations around them.

It is realized by many people that some psychologists or psychiatrists have begun careers in the discipline in order to gain a clearer understanding of their own ways of thinking or acting. Once they have completed all the education that is required to join the professional world as mental health professionals, they are armed with knowledge of the mind and how it works to such a degree that it may be a simple matter to manipulate and control the minds of those people who are nearest to them in daily life – family members. It is easy to access these people to play the mind games that make their families feel inferior, disorient them, and eventually take away any control they may have had, along with their personality and identity. Some unethical psychology professionals can be masters at destroying the personal goals and dreams of their own spouse and family members; one may see this as one of the ultimate betrayals by the trained psychology professional.

This is not to say that all psychology professionals will take advantage of their vast amount of knowledge of the human brain to undermine or possibly destroy the minds of the people around them. The majority are working hard to improve the lives of their clients and use their knowledge and expertise to foster healthy relationships between others, and also within their family and circle of friends. This is, by far, the more common scenario. Fortunate is the family with this dynamic in place. Even more fortunate is the family where both mother and father are trained in psychology and the playing field is more level. There is little chance of one or the other spouse turning out to be a victim of this despicable form of mental abuse.

Stopping it in time

Ideally, the perpetrator of the betrayal will not be successful in completely annihilating the minds of spouse, family members, or friends, and this sorry excuse for a mental health professional will be exposed. When the individuals who have been manipulated begin to sense that something is far wrong, they may begin to question behaviors that have taken place and discover the errors in thinking that have been instilled by the family member psychology professional. Observations by “outsiders” not affected may be able to point out the fallacies and mind games that have been used to gain control in the household.

Seeking counseling with impartial outside mental health professionals may help the family understand the cruelty of what has been happening to them while under the influence of the person in whom they, for so long, have had unwavering trust. The psychology professional must undergo intense therapy, and should not be allowed in a position to counsel others. For the family to stay together and trust in the professional member to be regained, therapy will be intensive and long-term, and those involved will be seen individually and as a family unit, usually on a frequent basis.