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Everyone Is Different: Understanding The Various Forms of O.C.D.

O.C.D. has become a huge buzz-word in media circles today. Any active television watcher is confronted with programming based on the disease; in hopes that the awareness of O.C.D. will be raised. But what is so very important to understand about obsessive compulsive disorder are the various forms it can take on.

Everyone is different, and the same applies when dealing with O.C.D. Symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways such as: hording, excessive spending, hand washing, reclusive behavior, and other detrimental activity. The sufferer is plagued with obsessive thinking, typically a fear about some topic, and then performs a compulsion to reduce the fear level. A great example of this, one of the most common forms, is: hand-washing. If a person has a contamination fear they will typically over-wash their hands or body. The “form” of the O.C.D. manifests according to the anxiety over a thought.

People are individuals; consequently, a sufferer will manifest individual compulsions based on their belief system. You cannot just lump every O.C.D. victim into one basket and expect them all to act the same-not possible! By taking a different approach in dealing with those harassed by this terrible disease, you will notice the individuality of each person. Understanding an individual, and the fears they may have, will help in treating a specific problem area. If the fear is contamination, you can expect to see compulsions based on that fear. If the anxiety is over not having enough, either in money, for, or shelter, you will observe a hording compulsion. Looking at the root anxiety of another person will help you, the onlooker or support system, better aide the victim.

People are not carbon copies of each other. Everyone has a specific set of likes and dislikes, and you have to take the same approach when confronting the monster called O.C.D. People will have fears that differ, and a lot of times the compulsions will differ too. To properly understand O.C.D. is to truly comprehend each sufferer’s needs and fears. Education defeats ignorance and the same applies when confronted with O.C.D. By grasping the idea that every person is unique; will help the onlooker properly evaluate the circumstances and compulsions. Embracing individuality is a major step in understanding the various forms and masks O.C.D. wears. Instead of throwing those captured by the disorder in the same pot; try looking for the diverse qualities of each.