Mars Traveling to Mars Mars Space Station Nano Technology Application Concept of Space Travel – No

To travel to Mars: Using today’s technologies that can trace energy elements from protons, and the traces of energy particles that are caused through reactions, going to mars on a planned mission, that is consisting of human travelers, is possible. Right now with the advancements of the devices that can transfer one type of energy particle, into a chain reaction of different levels, that are changes within the expansion of the neuron proton particles, is available for research. This is a recorded and proven fact of the possibility of a proton particle.

Applying of the available understanding of the ability, that is the current state of scientific comprehension, can develop into a combination of factors that are used for a solution of the needed energy to fuel or power a mission. The spacecraft could be an invention that will be constructed within the next years of scientific research of particle manipulation.

When the available materials are accessible, the power that will be required can be gathered from the main objects, and effect of those objects in space. For example, instead of the man powered system that’s used for the compulsion of a space craft, the generated power supply can come from the largest and most efficient source of power available: The Sun.

With the current state of the technological advancement, in understanding the cause of one action to cause a reaction of continuing energy reactions, that are a lasting effect, that can be seen as a source of continuous energy development. The earth is a very rich in resources planet, however the life here that is all around is created or is possible, through the power of the Sun. So instead of gathering the energies of the resources needed from the earth, to create a certain amount of power, for a manned mission, can instead be from the power of the sun.

Solar paneling is the concept of the near future, as the energy generated, can save on the amount of energy used for say powering a vehicles engine (which is another matter). The natural source of energy that provides all the life forms of the physicality of earth, to be alive and maintained, the Sun, should be a focused independent power source, generator.

Inventing a more sensitive and resistant solar panel, that can gather heat on a satellite, that is equipped with numerous energy gathering solar panels, can gather the energy flowing through space. If the solar flares of the Sun can reach Earth, how much of the Suns energy would be needed? Collecting information of the Suns data, in the researching of the energy levels given from the Sun: would be a first step. The mathematics is dependent on the current understanding, of the evolving scientific intelligence of a gathered and collective group.

Nano technology, can be a source for the creation of what may be discovered very soon, when considering the available applications of the technology. With the newly developed and greater understanding of the contextual felid of energy, created by the positioning of the Earth from the sun; in the accordance to the location of the distance, from the Sun to the Earth; perhaps energy can be gathered from the closer and more concentrated energy, that is the solar flares that are presently considered a disturbance,’ in the Earths atmosphere.

Nano technology can test the tissue of skin, mixed with the technological aspects, while suspended in space. Natural sunlight, as a source of light, can be needed from the actual energy gathered from the Sun. This could be done, in the contextual field of energy that is created by the Suns solar flares.

The energy that is found traveling through space is as this: light generated from stars. Dark matter, it is being found, is the substance between stars; it could be seen as absorbing the light. The matter is also considered space, at different densities. Traveling with that natural source of light, divided from the Sun, can sustain life. Frequencies of energy, that have an effect on physical objects, can be integrated to create a sound propulsion, accompanying assistant engine.

Satellites that gather the suns’ energy from the nano technology that can be gathered through the contextual field of energy, created by the solar flares of the Sun, can accompany the mission. Of course the subjectivity is one factor in combination to other prime examples of the capabilities of the current state of technological advancement; created in a collective effort of the intuitive minds of science and applications of mathematics that deal with the physics of time and space, gravity and energy.

Formula of research, example and demonstration, are all in a process of understanding the available tools of which can be used for a mission to Mars, manned and operated by a qualified and prepared group of people that are united by the collective effort.