Manual Intellectual Imaginative Intuitive and Survival Intelligence

There are various types of intelligence. There is manual intelligence that a mechanic or someone who works with his hands has. There is intellectual intelligence which we are most familiar with. There is imaginative intelligence which allows people like Mozart to create symphonies in their heads before committing the notes to paper when most people find it impossible to create a simple song and writing it down. There is intuitive intelligence which allows a person like Donald Trump to invest in real estate and casinos and make billions even after losing about that much first. And finally there is survival intelligence. A person can live in the wold for all their life and survive by living off of the land and doing what is needed to survive.

The standard IQ tests measure intellectual and at times imaginative intelligence. Intuition also helps to allow a person taking an IQ test to make educated guesses and finish the test faster at times. But the tests don’t determine a person’s manual dexterity and the ability to solve mechanical tests. I bet Einstein didn’t know how to fix the engine of a car or repair his radio without checking instructions first. Repairmen can almost fix things in their sleep which is how the sewing machine was invented.

The inventor of the sewing machine was trying to invest a machine that could sew clothing faster than a seamstress could. But he failed because people place the thread in the top end of the needle. He had a dream that he was in Africa with a tribe that had spears with holes in the heads. That gave the man the idea of placing the thread at the bottom of the needle and having the thread just be on the surface of the pieces of cloth to hold them together. I can see how a twin-needle set-up with small indentations in the tips might sew clothing with a single thread that weaves through the fabric would work. But it would be complicated and the stress on the thread plus the chance the thread will slip off of the tips of the needles would make the system impractical even today. But it might work and hold pieces of fabric together better than what is accomplished with a sewing machine today.

If all forms of intelligence were measured in a single test, it would take hours or possibly days to accomplish and would test people’s manual, intellectual, imaginative, intuitive, and survival intelligence. That might make a great reality show. It could be called “Intelligence.” It would pit people who are intelligent in all the intelligence categories against one another and the one with the highest average score in each category would be considered the most intelligent person in the contest. The contestants could be racing against one another to finish the categories in the fastest time to determine intelligence. The survival intelligence test may take longer to accomplish unless it is a simulated life-or-death situation that requires rapid responses. I believe the combined intelligence test would be the best way to judge a person’s intelligence.