Man did not Land on the Moon

Man did not land on the moon…..

I believed that the united states was in competition ,with the Soviet Union because of the cold war, to prove they were the top the United States had to fake the Moon Landings at all cost.In the 1950s there was an book written by gentleman who was a engineer or public relation man at this Rocket manufacturing co the report stated that going to the moon,was impossible because of radiation of the Van Allen belt would be toxic to human beings.Look why did the Soviets drop their space program because they sent up dogs in higher orbits and found they died very fast the United States sent up Monkeys in sub-orbits.

The Soviets then built up 300ft Rockets that just blew up on the pads.Then the soviets had the Luna project and built the Soyuz capsule,both failed but the Soyuz is still their major capsuel being used to go space stations.Therefore the guru of the united States space program was Werner Van Braun from Germany he invented missiles for Germany that bomb england when the Russian moved in on Nazi Germany Van Braun,gave himself up to the united States,under project paper clip and wrote many articles about going to the moon in big rockets living on space stations and so on

.In the late 50s He helped Walt Disney with his project the world of tomorrow and also made TV movies with Disney also.Therefore to make an long story short NASA hired Dr Von Braun to help NASA with its space program that included going to the Moon.Yes Von Braun developed missiles and satellites for the United States and I believed the mercury and Gemini existed and Apollo 7 89 10 they were pr oven missions but Apollo 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 did not land on the moon.This was stage at area 51by the director of 2001

Now Apollo 8 made like they were orbiting the moon,but that was a camera trick at best. Lets bring in the example of Dr Von Braun and his Nazi background and his Disney experience With context the Saturn Rocket could of been remote controlled by someone else this was shown on BBC American,the astronauts slide down the chute before take off

.On the other hand the Astronauts could of lifted off and landed in the pacific waters and staged recovery.Although NASA may of tried to go through the Van Allen belt it did not work look at the example Apollo 13 this capsule may of tried the belt and confronted damage

.Therefore this footage could of been used at an later date.Also this could been tried to break the belt in the Gemini program with a Apollo booster.since it was unsuccessful this led to the staging of Apollo. Finally we can pick ou t the picture on the moon no stars the blowing of the American flag shadows no burning of the moon dirt with the Lems boosters.However I do believe we meet with the Russian in outer space in 1975 we had Skylab yes space shuttle yes Apollo spin technology yes employment in cape Canaveral yes but did not land on the moon.