Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms

This article is interesting stuff but  over the top; and I suggest the spin from bodies such as NASA, while not undervaluing their data, is more connected with spin for funding rather than connected with the spin of the Earth. 

It says: “The Earth’s northern magnetic pole was moving towards Russia at a rate of about five miles annually. That progression to the East had been happening for decades. Suddenly, in the past decade the rate sped up. Now the magnetic pole is shifting East at a rate of 40 miles annually, an increase of 800 percent. And it continues to accelerate.”

One could equally observe that 5 miles a year is not much in terms of the magnetosphere and neither is 8 times that. Anyway IF this is crucial we should have seen a wave of superstorms over the last ten years rather than last week. However as we all know – re CO2 warmists’ inane claims – the numbers of large storms or any sort of storms has NOT increased in the last decade compared with previous decades. 

While the Earth’s magnetic field and more importantly sun-earth linkages are very important for weather extremes the approach of this article confuses snow storms /Tropical Cyclones on time scales of days with slow changes over millennia. A snow storm isn’t an ice age – even if they are both coming!

The article says: “One of the most stunning signs of the approaching Ice Age is what’s happened to the world’s precessional wobble”. Are we sure? Did the Chandler wobble stop in the last ice-age? Could one equally state “One of the most stunning signs of the approaching Ice Age is what happened last week in Egypt”! And by the way maybe Egypt did ‘stop’ in the last ice age?!

As a matter of interest I did point out at a meeting in the Institute Of Physics, London, in 2004 that during ice ages the warming and cooling spikes appear to coincide with the magnetic pole moving towards / away from the geographic pole, however this is on time scales of thousands of years not weeks.

It seems to me that by far the biggest drivers of storms and cold blasts, rather than these small changes you talk about are matters of sun-earth magnetic connectivity and solar activity which change in sign / by factors of THOUSANDS (AND which in turn CHANGE the Earth’s magnetic field – so the article is confusing cause with common effect as indeed do 90% of the sacred cows of ‘climate science’). 

A quick look at data suggest that the most favorable periods for such extreme events (irrespective of Chandler’s or any wobble) is during the ODD-EVEN solar cycle minima or more especially the rising part of Even solar cycles – ie ‘NOW’ (meaning years around present), subject to lunar modulations which are also ‘NOW’ helping – see Queensland floods and the eclipse cycle article which includes a fab pic