Macro Evolution Problems Flaws Irreducible Complexity

One flaw in macro-evolution is the problem of irreducible complexity. Irreducible complexity means that systems cannot evolve which require the co-development of multiple parts which have no functional relationship or reason to exist prior to full development. 

In other words, if the parts are meaningless apart from the whole, there is no reason for each of them to evolve before a function for them can be realized, because there is no way for the process to identify them as needed. 

For example, certain parts of cells, called flagellum, transport information by a mechanism which resembles a tiny motor and propeller. But why would the propeller evolve unless it knew the motor was evolving, too?  And how would it know this?  Until the motor is functioning, the propeller has no reason to exist and so no reason to evolve. 

So in order for macro-evolution to produce any system made up of parts which have no reason for existing until their ultimate function is realized, the only way it can happen is complete blind, dumb luck.  Not only that, but complete blind, dumb luck multiplied upon itself again and again and again-because evolution is not something that happens in a instant, it is a long process.  So the propeller of the flagellum would have to begin to evolve and continue to evolve in the appropriate way for millions of years before its actual reason for existing could even be realized! Why would it do this?  

Ironically then, macro-evolution seems to presuppose the intelligent design that it scoffs at. There seems to be an underlying assumption in the minds of evolutionists that there is some purpose and intent to the mutations which supposedly lead to evolutionary change. But to think that is to open the door to an underlying intelligence guiding the universe, the very thing that evolutionist deny. If the scientific view of evolution is true, that it depends on completely random mutations which lead to beneficial adaptations, then at every single moment evolution is starting from scratch, with no memory of what went before, and no knowledge of what is needed to move on.  Each evolutionary event is completely disconnected and completely unaware of those that precede it.  In order to evolve, each species depends completely on blind luck.  

Thus, as systems get more complex and rely on the simultaneous evolution of several or many parts which cannot know that the other parts of the ultimate systems are evolving, and so cannot know that they need to evolve themselves, the whole rationality of the macro-evolution theory breaks down and grinds to a halt. You just can’t get there from here.