Lumbar Disc Surgery when Disc Pressed against Nerves in Lower Back cause Back Pain

Almost everyone experiences some sort of lumbar back pain now and then. Most times lumbar pain resolves all by itself. Other times, however, getting rid of lumbar pain may require medical treatment. This is especially true when the lumbar disc is impacted. With that said, however, surgery is not always necessary even for impacted lumbar discs. Sometimes, patients can manage lumbar discs problems with a bit of extra help.

Always see a doctor or medical professional if back pain is severe and especially if back pain lasts longer than a couple of weeks.

Although lumbar discs could sustain injury no matter what a person’s age, older people are more likely to be affected with this condition. This is because muscles and bones weaken as people become older and weaker bones mean more chances injuries might occur as we go about our daily lives.

As we age and the discs between age they go from being nice and spongy to become more hard and brittle. Loss of sponginess means discs cannot provide the same amount of cushiness between the bones they support.

When discs become harder than they were at young ages they sometimes stick out and lean against nerves in the back. A lumbar disc pressing against nerves in the lower back causes lower back pain.

Alternatives to help get rid of lower back pain without lumbar disc surgery:

*Do what doctors often suggest when you do not feel well – get some rest. The thing here is that while resting you want to relax in a way that your back will receive extra support so you can help the pain go away. You can lay down with a pillow between your legs. You should do this on one of your sides. If you don’t mind laying on the floor, put a pillow between your knees while laying on the floor. When lying on the floor lay on your back instead of your side.

* Take short walks to exercise yourself just to keep your body moving. Refrain from doing any strenuous activity while walking, however, the walks should be therapeutic.

* Take an over the counter pain reliever like Tylenol, Advil, or take a couple of aspirin. Use medicines on regular bases while pain is present and before pain becomes too harsh on your back.

*Take advantage of heating devices like pads and single use wraps. Hot showers may help as well.

When the lumbar disc causes lower back pain, taking steps to relieve it without medical is fine at the outset. It is best to see a doctor, however, when back pain lasts more than two weeks, if the pain is extremely severe, or if uncertain pain is due to lumbar disc problems.

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