Lhc Armageddon – Yes

Does this current attempt to discover the Higgs Bosun have the potential to destroy earth? Of course it does. Will it? highly unlikely. The internet is awash at the moment with stories of how the LHC will create a black hole that will suck up the earth, the sun and eventually the entire universe.

More bizarre stories too, on how this is all a conspiracy by the new world order to create a Stargate to allow in the Anti-Christ. As ever, some people, especially the Christian right, will not be happy until we have a proper and decent Armageddon so they can prove their worthiness.

This is groundbreaking science sure, but so it was when the first man was sent to walk on the moon, or the first nuclear reactor came online. In all those new technologies, accidents happened. but surprisingly, we are all still here. Back in the day of the horseless carriage making its appearance, we were apparently going to be sucked out and destroyed by traveling at such ungodly speeds. Man of course was never destined to fly. He would be burned to a frazzle as he went too close to the sun. A ship made of steel would surely sink to the bottom of the ocean in an instant wouldn’t it? Even our own bodies could never improve as nobody would ever run a mile in less than four minutes.

As we sit today, enjoying this amazing form of communication on the internet, as the tv mutters in the background and as the washing spins merrily round and round in the front loader, we forget how we got this far. Forward thinkers have given us so much to be thankful for. Sure they’ve also given us a lot of pain and grief too with their weaponry and biological diseases, but as a race we have come soooo far. The benefits to science by discovering more of the inside of these particles will launch our knowledge into another era. Hopefully this new knowledge will allow science to take us to places we could never have dreamed of and hopefully all for the betterment of mankind. So, could it end in disaster? Yes it surely could. This is groundbreaking science and anything could happen. The scientists involved say not. Many others say it could all go horribly wrong. I shall put my trust in the scientists I think.

It is totally right to be concerned. It is also right to hold those that play with science at this level to be accountable for their actions and to keep us all totally informed. I believe they have. If this is the portal for Satan to visit, I’m sure the Christian right will be clapping their hands with glee at the chance to prove their worthiness. If it creates a huge black hole that sucks up everything in a moment, we’ll never feel a thing. The future began today.