It is on Constantly

The one alternative energy source that I believe has the most potential is geothermal energy. There are many reason for this.


There are some geothermal sources that we are familiar with. Geysers and hot springs come to mind first. Scientists predict that in the future, the geothermal source in Yellowstone National Park will explode and cause the most powerful eruption ever recorded. This source must be tapped in a massive way. It is capable of providing the electricity for much of the Western United States. If it is not used, it could destroy millions of lives in an explosion. Also, California and Hawaii could harness geothermal energy to generate a tremendous amount of electricity.

Some sources don’t even need to be down in the molten areas of the earth. If two or three miles of piping is lowered into the earth, water or gas could be pumped down into the ground and by the time it reaches the bottom, it will be heated enough to produce steam which would drive turbines that would run generators. It might be best if the pipes went down 10 to 15 miles since the lower you go, the hotter it gets. At those depths, the heat could be well above boiling which mean the water would have to go down insulated pipe where it would be exposed to the hot rock at the bottom where it turns into steam which would surge upward toward the turbines.


Geothermal energy has been used for centuries. If plasma drilling moles are used, since they don’t use solid drilling bits that need to be changed, they could work around the clock until they have reached either a regular geothermal source or are at a depth where the temperature is extremely high. I would use materials for the pipes that can’t be corroded and can withstand the heat and pressure down a few miles or more into the earth. I might be a bit expensive. But once the pipes and other equipment is installed, it may be able to run without much attention.

Electricity would first be generated by the steam. During the winter, the steam that is released would be used to heat buildings. Many communities could generate their own electricity thanks to geothermal energy and there might be enough left to place on the power grid for others to use.


There is no air pollution or harmful waste that needs to be disposed of. If there are any fumes, they can be filtered out. Iceland is successful with geothermal energy. So America should be too.


Geothermal energy can be generated almost anywhere. If people are rich, they might have their own private systems tht will generate electricity around the clock since the heat of the earth never shuts down. No need to worry about calm days or the sun not shining. The heat of the earth keeps the system going. Barring any accidents or earthquakes, a geothermal energy system would be providing energy until the end of time.

Alternative energy proponents should take a closer look at geothermal energy. It is on constantly, available to millions without much muss or fuss and should be used more extensively if we desire to be energy independent.