Is there Risk Taking in Change

Change can be good or not so good, but if conditions were to remain unalterable, there would never be progress, which is always measured by way of change. Change often affects the canvas of the diversity of each life and ensures no one become habituated or entrenched in a way of thinking or living. Change can shake up the status quo and can cause things to happen; however, how they are perceived is different for each individual.

Change often requires sacrifice. Many will agree that it probably takes longer to adjust to structural change than cyclical change, but real and lasting change often requires paradigm shifts that may not become apparent for a generation or two. Structural changes are transformational experiences, and may speak directly to self-serving ideals of today versus painful sacrifices for future progeny.

Change is inevitable and may come with the rage of a winter’s storm, or the peacefulness of a tranquil summer’s day. Neither onset matters very much, because it all depends on your acceptance of the inevitability of change and its place in your liife. It is human to want things to remain the same, especially if they are peaceful, but life is full of surprises, and many of them are not so palatable. For some, change may be a hard pill to swallow, but without change it would be a bland and generic society, lacking in real substance and integrity.

Much has been made of change recently, and despite the efforts of some to impede it, it is still moving forward. It might serve those who seek to obstruct to remember that in the laws of nature, there are no rewards or retributions, only consequences. However, she still allows some flexibility. During periods of transition, there is a great capacity for self-determination. It can be a time to transcend the mediocre, and emerge a transformed creation.

Change is like the weather, or the seasons. Everyone prepares for inclement weather and hope for the best, but often are still caught off guard by the onslaught of severe floods, raging storms, shattering earthquakes, and deadly tornados. Most folks show their resilienc,y and move forward because they accept that nature is forever changing. She often forces folks to sacrifice and set aside carefully orchestrated plans and help those around them who were unfortunate victims of her assault. She forces humanity to readjust and show concern for each other, which may not be the way they would choose to learn her lessons, but folks do not have a voice in her decisions.

When change brings with it destruction and mayhem, folks accept the reality of what is happening and move forward in an attempt to embrace and accept the consequences, and whatever permutation they become as they emerge from the latest challenge.

However, folks  choose to view change in the normal course of their lives, especially those without nature’s interventions, there is no doubt that in most all circumstances it will involves taking risk, because everyone must accept this as fact: “one cannot steal second with his or her foot still on first.”