Is there any Evidence of UFO Sightings by Astronauts

In 1958 the National Aeronautic Space Administration, or NASA came into being and the space race began in earnest. The astronauts of choice were test pilots with the qualifications of 1000 hours flight time in jets and a minimum college degree education and only the best were chosen. The first group of seven trained for the Mercury series of low-orbit space flight and in May 1961 astronaut Alan Shepard roared off the launch pad to become the first American in space.

It was the third Mercury mission on February 20 in 1962 that astronaut John Glenn initially reported three objects following him and overtaking at various speeds however as he orbited into darkness he reported an entirely different phenomena. Bright points of light were flashing past the viewing window and an alert at mission control reported a problem with the heat shield. Aborting the mission of seven orbits after completing only three, John Glenn’s spacecraft survived the heat of re-entry and the strange phenomena was considered the result of problems with the heat shield case closed.

The next series of flights were the Gemini missions and in December 1965 astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman reported a UFO sighting on the second orbit of their 14-day mission. Mission control advised the unidentified spacecraft reported was the booster rocket however Borman reported he could clearly see and identify the booster rocket and was reporting something different; Lovell confirmed the sighting.

Perhaps one of the most sensational UFO encounters occurred during the Apollo 11 mission; the first moon landing. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin experienced an interruption in transmissions of image and sound for over two minutes that were explained away by NASA as a camera overheating problem however this explanation was later contradicted by comments from a senior NASA official upon his retirement.

Christopher Craft related a discussion between Armstrong and Aldrin in which they described spaceships lined up on the other side of a moon crater, visitors’ observing the Apollo instruments and who were watching them from a distance. These transmissions were also picked up by hundreds of amateur radio operators but were quickly dismissed as nonsense at the time.

Undoubtedly there is ample evidence of UFO encounters that NASA is aware of yet they are clearly participating in some kind of official cover-up characteristic of the US government and military. Far too many ex-astronauts are coming forward with first-hand accounts of their experiences for this denial to continue. These UFO encounters and experiences are related by highly trained professionals and report unknown objects approaching close to their aircraft or spacecraft. As experienced pilots they are more than aware of flight performance and capability yet the UFO’s reported exhibit flight performance beyond anything known to human technology.

Slowly the veil of secrecy seems to be lifting with more reports made public as time passes and as more astronauts resign from NASA and are free to discuss their experiences. It seems ludicrous to suggest highly trained professional pilots with experience in space, on the moon and in orbit are fabricating stories of their encounter with UFO’s. Secrecy is still an issue where there is little doubt restrictions still apply on exactly how much can be disclosed however the official denial seems less credible as each new astronaut comes forward. The evidence is certainly building!