Is the Primordial Soup Theory the Explanation for the Origin of Life – No

There are several reasons for not believing in the Primordial Soup theory, the main one being that the original assumption that all the supposed ingredients necessary for producing amino acids were present in the earth’s atmosphere, or in a warm pond, 3.5 billion years ago cannot be corroborated. Secondly, even if inorganic amino acids can be turned into organic ones, which has been demonstrated, there is no known process by which organic amino acids can then go ahead and form themselves into living beings. It is a tall order to ask a random natural proces to organise itself into more complex organisms just by chance. All the evidence of random natural processes is that they degenerate or become less complex, less useful, less likely to be the basis for anything other than slush.

While the work done by men like Oparin and Haldane has enormous value in providing us with insight into the building blocks of life, and later the spectacular results of Miller and Urey offer exciting ideas about the spark that could have produced life initially, these lab experiments can never be used as models for what actually happened in the real environment. Just as these lab experiments needed scientists to organise them, so the original creation experiment needed a creator to intervene.

Even if there was an abundance of methane, ammonia, water and hydrogen (and the absence of oxygen) the chance that these would be available in the right quantities at the right time and struck by a suitable bolt of lightning are slim indeed. Like all aspects of the theory of evolution it is trying to force a random solution to a problem that requires a high degree of applied design. Even the simplest forms of life require finely tuned conditions to flourish, and to suggest that such fine tuning can be achieved by chance, even most scientists now agree, requires either a massive leap of the imagination, or some pretty robust tinkering with mathematical probability formulas and many more billions of years than we have available to us.

There may well have been a primordial soup. When God separated the land from the sea as described in Genesis 1.9 this may have created the conditions that scientists suggest are necessary for life to begin. But they would not have come about by accident. Amino acids cannot of their own free will organise themselves into the complex chains required as the basis for life. This alone is enough proof that a creator exists. never mind the subsequent beautiful and mind-blowing development of everything that we call nature. It is time we accepted evolution as the failed theory it is and went back to praising God for the wonders of his world.