Is the Division of zero really Impossible Dissected – No

Zero = Nothing, right? So… No Butter, no eggs no apple no ‘what’? No Zero? What does Zero look like? That is not nothing but a symbol of something. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Here I have 24 Zeros I can, divide them up! The division of 6 into these 24 = 4. Four Zero’s is not nothing but something. I can already see where this is leading to. It’s leading to ‘the theory that everything is linked.’ That being the case makes it possible to have the theory ‘Devision by Zero, is not impossible.’ Because in essence, there can never be, ‘nothing.’

But what about divisions by Zero. Say the temperature was – 80 degree Zero. If I was to divide – 80 by + 100, should the answer be, + 20 ? Or is this addition. Lets take a really good look at Zero, a word, representing a set point of measurement. Yet when it is measured in temperature, Zero = either side of heat and minus heat. That would be like saying there is nothing below Zero. Does that make sense to your mind? Below Zero is freezing. Absolute freezing! And ‘absolute’ is not nothing.

Ground Zero? That, is no-where to go but, down to ground level. Zero Gravity? Doesn’t this mean this is gravity’s vacuum. Vacuum ‘can’ mean empty. Yet even empty can be ‘full of air’. That is not Zero Air. Zero, is also a measurement, used in aerodynamics, absorbing the air which is driven at a velocity through, as in a wind. Here, we have all the sounds different ‘pitches’, reaching into ultra sonics, may be ‘without sound to the human ear’.That is certainly not without speed, but more like, super sonics.

Zero has been used in many ways. It is a precision point in adjusting the sights, for fire arms, in order. to shoot directly at the desired point. Lets bring our sights back to Zero and look at it in the direction of what we have already. You ask me where I’m heading with this? ‘Z’ is the English last, or 26th letter of the Alpha/bet. Alpha is the 1st. Letter of the Greek. So I ‘bet’ Zero can also be found in all frequencies, in one way and another. We can go into the frequencies of all sounds, whether phonetics, or even amplifiers.

Of course if we bring it back to the Zero = O – like it or not – with a name, which already means something. Repeat again; it cannot be nothing. So without going into all the brain groping explanations whether via. science, mathematics, algebra or simply the fact that we say in the ‘sound’ of ‘O’ when realizing something in (Oh !), the reality of Zero is that devisions by it are not impossible, or all these things could not use it. Basically speaking with all it’s quantified reasons for ‘just being what it is’, is found within the field of ‘sound’ vibration. .. as a division of, in any given direction needed within it’s sights to be divided up into.

Mmmm… we are back to Zero hour. No more Time. But wait! This is a set time. Beyond this, Time, still carries on. If I keep going we’ll find Zero in Time Travel and end up in Outer Space. I think I have dissected Zero! Is that division impossible?.