Is Identity Shaped by Culture

Is identity of oneself linked to the culture of the specific person? This is a question that has risen on numerous occasions and it has never been truly solved, since everyone has different opinions on this subject and how our way of thinking can be linked to something that occurs in our everyday life no matter where we are from in the world. Culture can be defined as the set of ideals, attitude, life practices and routines that our set up by different parts around the world.

A culture is set up over time and stays with the said country. It is called a refinement of an individual, a true source of individuality because of how humans grow and learn to comprehend things. So can one’s personality and attributes be as well as a sign of cultural back ground? Yes, this can actually be true on some accounts. Some people study about their culture more and more and in turn, they put the culture into their own beliefs and feel one with their culture.

This can be expressed as their own individuality and show how they have been hypnotized in a way that grants them the ability to think about what they want to do with their learning of the culture. It can a freedom of expression for some people and it can show in their work and artistic ability, that culture is a part of them as an individual. When it boils down to it, culture is just an aspect of one person. Some people are more intrigued by a culture or their own and want to express it in their individuality whether it be art, work, a certain profession, or even writing about the subject of the choice of topic.

For some people in our world, culture is their lifestyle and they live and breathe it. It depends all on the person’s consciousness and heart if they want to set this up as what they are as an individual. Sometimes people enjoy to study culture so it should not be surprising that culture can be one of the many assets of a human’s psyche. Cultural anthropology is one of subjects that people can study, in turn, becoming a type of learning process for the individual studying it, making it something they can use in their life and always be associated with it.

An individual and culture are two different things, but they can share the same form of wisdom when melded into one.