Is Dividing by zero Impossible – No

Division by 0… is a very harsh debate unto which should be interpreted as a very real possibility. Is it impossible, well, let’s see. Lets rule out the already “well, it’s an unimaginable idea,” along with, “it’s not a real concept to be applicable.” These statements are to solely destroy the seemingly malignant fears of imaginational mathematics.

Well, let’s start from scrap. In order to know how to divide by zero, we simply need to state where its from, and exactly what it is. Well, the concept zero was actually understood by the ancient Egyptians in a concept they called “nfr”  ( This idea was represented as a cross connected atop of a circle, much like an upside-down Venus symbol for “woman.” As stated by timelineindex.coman Indian by the name of Aryabhata discovered this amazing concept and put it into actual notation. But what exactly is zero? According to ( zero is the nothingness between positive and negative, a simple void, so in other words, outer space. Outer space is an infinitely vast completely vacuumed area of nothingness (matter + anti-matter equaling 0) in which certain objects are occupying space, such as stars, black holes, planets, moons, etc. It is often referred to as the fabric of space which in all reality means (0)1, one, nothingness; however, this nothingness can be distorted, for the fabric bends towards objects of extreme mass…

Any number (given that it is not 0) divided by itself seems to have a simple integer answer: 1. 4/4=1, 24624/24624=1, so why is it that 0/0 cannot = 1? For even if this (1) emptiness is simply dividing by (1) emptiness, one still has one (1) emptiness, correct? Simply dividing nothing by nothing easily equals an outstanding nothingness! Of course 0/0 cannot equal 1, because that defies the laws of every concept available to man, creating something out of nothing. Though it cannot equal 1, it can equal an imaginary singular nothingness of 1: 1(0)/1(0)=1(0).

It seems that if one were to divide a something by a nothing, hence the case 8/0=N/A, that he/she would be destroying the former concept of 8, shattering its former existence. Math doesn’t allow one to shatter the existence of a number, but it does accept the fact that multiple nothings can exist, so why not? 9×0=0, 23452452×0=0, 21938571×0=0; so doesn’t this imply that if we were to multiply 0x9, that we would have the silly equation of 0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0=0, nine nothings 0(9)? So what happened here, did we state that we had the number 9 and completely shattered its existence or else we had nothingness and made 9 of them? The answer is we made nine (9) nothings.

Simply, the repetitious talking about zero brings us to this conclusion: if one decides that he/she will divide a whole, fractional, or integer number by 0, then he/she will end with the result of 0(1). 7/0=0(1), ¾/0=0(1), (.00000678)/0=0(1). Think of light, a simple light particle known as a photon is created when any particular element is given energy. The atom of that element begins to spin and expand putting emptiness or void in between the nucleus and the outside electrons. When the atom cools, fluctuating at a high frequency from a certain outer energy level, the void(s) that were placed between the electrons and the nucleus become photons at every fluctuation, creating something (a photon) out of nothingness (the void) out of an idea (heat). If one can simply heat an object and create light from this object, one can destroy the imaginary value of any number or concept imaginable, making it simply null. One may not be able to destroy matter, but the idealistic concept of something can and may be destroyed. For if one ploys this equation: 71,958,719,385/0, then he/she destroyed the entire concept of 71,958,719,385, entirely obliterating it, turning it into nothing, exactly one (1) nothingness 0(1) a former concept. So is dividing by 0 actually impossible? By absolutely no chance is it actually an impossible concept!