Inventions we can do without

Ten Inventions We Could Do Without?

Recently, I read an interesting article written by Marilyn Vos Savant. For those of you unfamiliar with Vos Savant, she is credited as having one of the highest IQ’s in the United States and perhaps the world. Each week, she writes an article or does a question and answer session featured in “Parade Magazine.”

In one of her articles, Vos Savant asked readers what item they would most like to uninvent. I found the list interesting and would like to comment on the ten most popular answers based on the response of almost 2,000 people.

1)High Heels-Obviously a woman is much more qualified to respond to this. Just based on looks, I would assume that it must be extremely difficult to walk in a high heel shoe.

2)Jet Skis-I have to disagree with this one. While I am no expert at jet skiing, this seems like a fun activity. According to the article, people believed that jet skis ruin the scene for anyone not skiing. I think you could make the same argument for just about any invention. Trust me, I hate the sound of four wheelers zooming past my house at all hours of the night. However, I would imagine it is extremely fun if you are the one riding.

3)Leaf-Blowers-I would agree that the sound of a leaf-blower is deafening but they sure are useful.

4)Automated Telephone Assistance-this should have been number one. There is nothing more irritating than not being able to talk to a live person.

5)Television-once again I disagree. The television is like the internet. It can be a very useful tool if used correctly. I do agree that the television has become a babysitter for many of our children and that is not a good thing.

6)Video Games-I think this falls under the same class as television. It is fine as long as it is done in moderation. I am fascinated by the technology in today’s videogames. I remember having an old Atari 2600 where the graphics were limited. My major concern is the violence demonstrated in today’s games.

7)Bass Amplifiers-this definitely should rank in the top ten. I have often said there is no need for me to ever by a hip hop or rap album because I hear them everytime someone who likes that type of music drives by. My grandmother used to say I was going to go deaf listening to Alice Cooper, Judas Priest and Ozzy. How anyone owning bass amplifiers can hear is beyond me.

8)Neckties-I would have to agree with this one as well. To be honest, I feel that way about any kind of tie. However, there is a reason for my hatred. Despite having a Master’s Degree, I have never been able to master the art of tying a tie. I have been given demonstration after demonstration and I simply cannot do it. It is probably the reason I only wear a tie once a year.

9)Car Alarms-Once again the people are correct. Nothing drives me more insane than walking past a car at Wal-Mart and the alarm going off for no reason other than being too close to the car.

10)Cell Phones-I have to agree with this one as well. While I confess I do own a cell phone simply because I want to keep tabs on my two and a half year old, I hate almost everything about a cellphone. If I can’t be reached at home or work, I probably am out doing something in which I don’t want to be disturbed.