Inventions that Vastly Improved our Quality of Life

What would modern life be like without the incredible inventions of out forefathers?  These amazing creations  have brought incredible change over the course of human civilization, but particularly in the past 200 years.  200 years ago people were riding horses and going to the toilet in what amounted as a fancy hole in the ground. 

From the invention of fire to a the lazy man’s dream of a remote control, these inventions that vastly improved our quality of life:

♦  Fire  ♦

One of the oldest inventions.  Neanderthals and even Homo-Erectus were known to use fire.  Exactly when it was able to first be “created” rather than simply “used” is lost in the mists of time.  Today, modern applications of fire:  heating systems and  “oven” cooking are still a giant benefit on the average person’s quality of life.

♦  Aspirin  ♦

What can you say about Aspirin.  Created over 100 years ago it is still one of the single greatest ways to ease many minor aches and pains as well as an incredible method of curing minor ills.  It is as close to we have as a true “universal cure”  It’s effects are limited, but the effects are all beneficial and help to increase people quality of life daily.

♦  Flush toilet  ♦

Created by Thomas Crapper?  OK, that is an urban legend and false.  Crapper created the S-bend plumbing fixture, but not the toilet itself.  Think of what life would be like if we all still had to use (and clean out) outhouses.  Thank God for that amazing quality of life invention.

♦  Electricity  ♦

Think of everything that electricity powers these days.  Nearly every significant invention of the twentieth century is based off of electricity.  Or at least uses electricity in the current applications.  That is a pretty amazing feat for any invention.

♦  Vacuum Cleaner  ♦

Originally called the “electric sweeper” .  That original name brings to mind what life would e like without the vacuum.  Have you ever tried to sweep carpet?  I have (don’t ask me why) and it is not an easy thing to do.  Thankfully with the vacuum cleaner the task is nice and easy.

♦  IPOD  ♦

Okay maybe this isn’t something that couldn’t be “lived without” but the IPOD and all of its MP3 playing clones is a nice quality of life improvement.  It is fun, enjoyable and becoming fairly universally used.

♦  The Micro-chip  ♦

The Computer or the micro-chip has to be on any decent Quality of Life list.  It has been a giant improvement in many aspects of life.  Think of all the enjoyment some people get out of it.  Think of the many ways that automated computer systems have streamlined processes and made things easier for the common man.  The micro-chip’s invention is undoubtedly one of the 20th centuries greatest inventions.

♦  Television  ♦

Many would argue that this has been a bad invention.  I would not entirely disagree.  Many people get too involved and can base their lives around TV.  As they can with the previous entry, the Micro-chip (computer).  But Television does improve quality of life.  TV is something that many people enjoy and it is an excellent source of entertainment and sometimes even education.

♦  Internet  ♦

Like computers and TV the internet if used as entertainment can take over too large of a slice of a person’s life.  But the positive side is less ambiguous.  The internet gives an incredible way to disseminate information.   People can work from home and also learn things that it would have taken a university library to learn 30 years ago.  This incredible access to information is a truly amazing quality of life improvement.

♦  The Wheel  ♦

What better way to end the list of amazing inventions than one of the most important and oldest.  Without the wheel the idea of having any industrialized world would be foreign.  It has been around for over 5000 years now, but it is hard to imagine what life would be like without it.  (though the Incas made a decent civilization without the wheel)

Inventions have vastly improved our quality of life.  Look around you, they are everywhere, and making things easier by the minute.