Introduction to Color Psychology

We are all surrounded by color. but many of us do not realize that color can play a significant role when used as a healing therapy.

Color therapy has been practiced throughout the centuries by many cultures. The
reasoning behind it is that color has an effect on the energy in an environment, and we respond consciously or subconsciously to our surroundings.

Not only do the colors you wear speak volumes about your personality, they also affect your mood and energy levels. Being such a powerful visual stimulus you must be careful to enhance the impact of you home surroundings. Color can excite, calm, soothe and energize. Even the color of the food we eat can affect us.

Our eyes are the main sensory organ that permits color to enter our bodies, but the basis of reasoning behind color therapy is that we not only absorb it through our eyes but also through our skin and in the air that we breathe. Comprehending this, we begin to realize that not only is our environment affected but also our bodies.

When colors enter the body as light they have and effect on the health of our brain, organs and body systems.

Red is known to be able to raise blood pressure and can strengthen and stimulate our body. If you are feeling really tired wear a red jumper.

Blue is cool and calming, it inspires mental clarity and inner peace. I has been known to lower blood pressure by calming the nervous system. To refresh and relax yourself, sit and focus on the blue sky and breathe deeply.

Green is the color of nature and brings balance and harmony. Green is good for the heart and aids relaxation. That’s why gardening is popular.

Yellow is an energizing and uplifting color that encourages positivity and inner power. It strengthens the nervous and digestive systems and calms stress related tension in the abdominal region.

Purple is a color used to help calm people with nervous or mental imbalances. It is a very spiritual color. It is traditionally worn by the clergy and denotes spiritual peace and awareness.

Magenta uplifts the spirits and can stop us feeling unhappy or frustrated with our lives.

Orange promotes confidence and well-being. It encourages creativity and passion.

Turquoise is invigorating and calming. It symbolizes truth and helps communication of all levels.

We are often too caught up in the stresses of the world to leave room for sacred spaces in our lives. Color can help us to do this with ease and joy.