Interesting Facts about the River Jordan Middle East

The Jordan River is 156 miles long and flows from West Asia to the Dead Sea. The Jordan River has a long history that dates back to biblical times. Christians believed that Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan by John the Baptist. The Jordan River was also a very important symbol to folk, gospel, spiritual music, poetry, and other literary works. The Jordan River also represented a symbol of freedom. This river has the lowest elevation in the world. It flows from Mount Hermon through Israel then to the Sea of Galilee, flows through Jordan before it empties into the Dead Sea. The Jordan River is shallow and the high-water period only lasts from January to March.

This river contains a lot of silt and the current is swift. In some places along this river are thermal springs. This river plays a very important role in irrigation. The soil of the river is highly saline. It is located in a holy area that is quite important to Christians, Jews and Muslims. You can still still one river crossing that is a 2000 year old Roman Bridge. This river is the world’s greatest attraction for tourists. Most of the river is closed off and only open to military. The parts that are closed are considered as a military zone and are off limits to the public. Many people believe that the Jordan River is drying up due to the climate changes.

The Jordan River today suffers from much pollution and is being used as a dumping ground for raw sewage. Many tourists that visit the river do not realize that it is drying up and that it is also polluted. Many belivers still flock to the river to be baptized. Organiztions are asking for help from all over the world to restore the river and to prevent the pollution in the river. They want the Jordan River to continue flowing forever because it represents that Jesus was baptized here. It displays a very rich symbolic valuie to tthe world’s three major religions. The river is still home to a wide variety of wildlife and birds. Over 500 species of birds can be seen migrating to the area seasonally. This river also attracts quite a few nature lovers and birdwatchers from all regions of the world. It is a lush wetland ecosystem that still remains the heart of the region. The annual flow of the river is dropping more and more each year.