Intelligence in Gender Sexes

The fact that there are differences in intelligence in individuals of the same gender and race indicates that there is certain to be differences in intelligence between the sexes. For intelligence that is centered or structured around thought that is contained within a brain of potentially different size, of course there who be slight differences. Then just by mentioning the different chemical processes that vary between genders, who would argue if the level of thinking that corresponds to one’s intelligence would be affected in a similar manner?

Chemicals in the bodies of males and females lead to the different behaviors and actions under taken by them. Where the chemical testosterone – present in males – leads to increased aggression, builds muscles, influence balding, stores fat on the abdomen, and other effects, the absence of it in females leads to opposite behavior, different distribution of bodily fats (towards the hips, breasts, and buttocks), and does not induce balding. Other chemicals that influence sexual behaviors present in both hormones and pheromones, lead to different manner of thought to accomplish individual goals and outlooks.

Just as personality develops differently in varied environments, there should be no reason to think that intelligence isn’t influenced by its own environment of the body. How one feels, looks, reasons, is affect by stimulus, preference in sexuality – all of that influences thought and mental adaptability to circumstances. If people – specifically men and women – had the same level of intelligence and logical sense, then knowing the thoughts of one’s significant other wouldn’t be such a daunting challenge. If everyone thought the same and carried the same rationale, there wouldn’t be a need for innovation or difference of opinion. What would be the point, everyone’s destination would be the same.

Ultimately, there is a difference in intelligence between the sexes. Perhaps there is not a difference in capacity, but that may be affected by other parts of the brain as well. The assorted storage capabilities of the brain are what influence memory and why some people are better with numbers and others excel at trivia, while others still favor worlds deprived of logic and bask in the arts and creative applications. One mind to the next, one preference different from the other, one thought different from the rest… that is the evidence of intelligence, and the clear indication that it is as diverse as people in whole, and not just based on gender.