Insurance Poor Insurance Companies Insurance Rip off Insurance Doesn’t Pay no Risk Insurance Gamble

The role of the insurance company in society today is the role of tormentor, criminal, scam artist, fill in the blank. A teacher once explained to my class that buying insurance was a gamble: the customer is betting that he will make a claim, and the company is betting that it won’t have to pay a claim. I think that analogy is almost perfect, only the company is the dealer and the odds are all on the house! Did you ever get one of those emails calling for all Americans to stop buying gas for a day? Someone had a bright idea that we needed to “stick-it” to the gas companies because the prices were so high. Of course, this scheme was destined for failure for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that these guys have so much money-and we are so dependent on the fuel the whole thing was doomed from the start.

Rising insurance costs, however may be a battle worth fighting. Insurance companies in this country are “off the chain.” Most Americans are insurance poor. If not for taxes and insurance most of us would enjoy a much greater quality of life!

Insurance companies are sucking the life blood out of our country. The sad thing is that we are letting it happen. Liability vehicle insurance is mandatory in Alabama and many other states why? What other business can a person be in, in which the government mandates that they will sell at least one line of products? Gee, maybe I should try to get a bill passed requiring that every business in the state purchase two copiers. As a copier technician, I could benefit greatly from this! If I got together with all of my competitors, we could jack the prices up to the moon, and there would be nothing you could do about it!

Insurance companies never take a loss: If they do, they just raise your rates. If flooding destroys a region, they cry foul because they have to pay out. Then they either make flood insurance ridiculously high, or just don’t sell it anymore.

And they’re all connected; working hard 9 to 5 to destroy the lives of their customers. If you ever get turned down for health insurance (and they’re getting really selective these days,) good luck trying to get insurance with another carrier. The ridiculously stringent policies of one company can keep you from getting insured by anyone!

What’s up with car insurance and driving records? If you are involved in an accident that’s not your fault- say someone runs a red light and t-bones your car. Your rates go up; you were in an accident. Have you had a few speeding tickets? Rates go up. If you go five or six years without an accident or a ticket, do they pull your history and then lower your rates? You wish.

Did you ever have a health policy that you paid thousands of dollars into, only to never reach the annual deductible? It’s amazing how you can spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars at the doctor’s office, and yet somehow the $500 deductible on your policy is never attainable. This is because the insurance companies magically find a way to NOT apply most of your out-of -pocket expenses to your deductible. Some health carriers never seem to pay anything out, because they always find another party liable for damages or injuries.

I recently bought my first home. I had never had homeowner’s insurance. I call up an insurance agent that I’ve dealt with for years. She asks, “How’s your credit?” I’m thinking what does that have to do with anything, but I state “Well, it’s got to be good enough to by homeowner’s; after all I am buying a house.” She says “Don’t be so sure.” Then, “If I try to write you with policy A’ and you get turned down, I can’t write you with any policy.” I am assuming that all the hoops I jumped through to get the house financed would then be a moot point without insurance.

I could go on and on, but the point is this: I have the solution to the nation’s insurance crisis. STOP BUYING IT! Everyone in the country should drop every policy they own. We should at least drop every policy that we can legally drop. It’s got to have an impact; of course they can always call their partners in crime (congress) and request a bail-out from the government. Just the same, I’d like to see all these bloodsuckers come in to work one day to find that every policy they are collecting residuals on cancelled. What a day that would be.