Insects that Live around us

There are numerous kinds of insects present in this eco system. It is not at all easy to identify the insect without a proper and scientific list of different insects to classify them better. You can find out the harmful insects through this list of insects. Insects are classified into several groups according to their characteristics. Some insects do have the power to make harm to individuals as well as homes. By knowing of these insects, you are able to take appropriate actions to diminish the threats of damage or disease. The identification ability depends upon the professional training, which is time consuming. Here, we discuss about the preliminary way of insect recognition system.

Insects are classified into three major groups on the grounds of wings and their ability. They are with and without wings and the third being the concept of adapted wings. In the winged insects’ class, there is this single and double wings group and the other one is transparent or opaque winged. Most of the insects fall under these three categories. Rest of the winged insects come under specific category and require in-depth study for further knowledge. Flies, mosquitoes, crane flies are some of the common examples of one pair winged insects. The wings are of membranous kind. The mosquito has a typical armory in the mouth for piercing purpose, which is a unique feature in this category. The insects with two pair of wings are exemplified by butterflies and moths, which can be separated in a different class. The category of transparent wings has examples like wasps, bees and ants that have antennae much larger than the body itself.

The maximum numbers of insects are found in the wingless type. This category has sub-categories in the insects’ identification list known as parasitic and non- parasitic types. The parasitic insects are generally found on the body of mammals. The insects draw blood from the body on which they live. A general example will be the lice. Other type of insects lives on tepid blood of animals like the flea. All these insects are wingless creatures. Much different type of insects is there like the cockroaches, mantis and cricket and so on.

The insect under the specific category like the beetles is a normal example. Others like walking stick and grasshoppers fall into the same category. In fact there is hardly any clear line drawn in the classification list to recognize an insect unless an in-depth study is made to this effect.

We come across insects of various kinds in our day to day life. An elementary knowledge about insects is essential to understand the environment around us. By the study, we find that there are overwhelming numbers of the insects and their effect on the ecological atmosphere.

Ants are from the group called Formicoidea. Cicadas or harvest flies are large insects and sometimes called locusts. Cockroaches are visible mainly in tropical regions and some of the species are found in homes. Other parts of the world also have cockroaches. Fleas are from Pulicidae group and they are wingless. Flies are from Diptera group and have two wings. Grasshoppers have many species and are available everywhere. They are most harmful and have ruined many countries like Russia, some area of Europe, Africa, Algeria, India, Cape Colony, Argentina, and parts of U.S.

Mosquitoes are from the Culicidae group and are seen in everywhere. They carry disease. Thrips are from the Physopoda group. They are four winged, tiny and have long hairs. Arthropoda is the largest of all. They originate in the seas, fresh water land or can fly liberally. Common examples are lobsters, crabs, scorpions, spiders, mites, ticks, centipedes and millipedes.

The Hexapoda group members have mainly three parts in the body and they are head, thorax and abdomen. Six legs are combined in the thorax. They have four wings .Most of them belong to water.

In our daily routine, we find insects mostly in the garden. Some of them are seen on flowers, some in shrubs, some on crops and some on pets. Insects can cause harm with stings and can some time bring serious health hazards.