Improving Memory and Intelligence Exploring Cures for Everyday Memory Loss

Where Are My Keys

Have you found your-self forgetting small silly stuff, like where you put your car keys or where the TV remote control is?
Maybe, its more serious than that. Maybe, you’ve forgotten to turn off the stove or you left the house keys in the door.
Well, you’re not alone;1 out of 5 Americans of all ages share your dilemma. No need to worry, you may not be experiencing Alzheimer’s. If you’re like most Americans, you’re busy and on the go. You don’t have the time to enjoy a healthy meal, so like most of us you eat fast food. When you consume fatty foods with large amounts of sugar it clogs arteries and restricts blood flow. This is the perfect recipe for blood clots, strokes and memory loss.
Not only when we consume unhealthy foods we gain weight, which in turn also effects are brain. You’re run down, drained and worn out. You’re brain’s not getting enough blood flow, oxygen, and glucose metabolism. Which is absolutely vital for a healthy mind.
I went into a health store and told the owner what was going on, how I forget tiny things like the habit of locking my keys in the car. I told the older woman how I’m always tired and can’t remember stuff that’s happened to me the day before. I confessed how embarrassed I was, she told me not to worry. She gave me a small bottle of herbal supplements called “Ginkgo Biloba”, which to my surprise was only 5 bucks. She explained the capsules contain extracts from a Chinese tree, the Ginkgo Biloba tree. This has been a ancient medicine that’s been used for over 3 thousand years. With 1-2 capsules a day, the herbal supplement acts as a natural blood thinner. When you start to take the capsule, it will begin to open your veins, causing the blood flow to circulate through your body more freely, Increasing the oxygen levels in your brain. It also helps prevent from capillary fragility, reduces tissue damage caused my low blood flow, and prevents blood leakage into surrounding tissue.
As soon as I began to take the supplement I noticed I was feeling better. I was able to read a book, come back to it in a day or two and remember what I read. After taking the capsule for two weeks, I seemed to remember thing more clearer. All I had to do was cut back on the fatty foods and sodas, take the pill. I feel better than ever, you can find Ginkgo Biloba at any local health store. The side effects of this miracle pill consist of headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea. Always consult a physician before taking Ginkgo Biloba.
Remember the healthier you eat the better you feel.
Thanks for reading.