Importance of Biology Biology in Schools Creation Science vs Biology Evolution in Science Branch

Biology is what allows us to read these articles.  That is, biology is created life, and life evolved awareness.  Now our awareness teaches us we can learn about the universe through everything from our microbes, to our news sources, including Helium News, “Where Knowledge Rules”. 

Therefore, the importance of biology as a branch of science cannot possibly be emphasized enough.  All the sciences link back to biology, even mineralogy, astrophysics, and everything in between.  Life is composed, of course, of the star stuff from our billions of years old galactic origins, and all life forms cycle through and contain chemicals, minerals, gases and more. The field of mimetics, and even structural engineering, is crucially dependent upon studying Biological forms.  We can learn much about how to manufacture a rudder, or a sail, from a tail, or a wing.

In schools today, many children are shortchanged and not provided a solid background in Biology.  Knowing our basic building blocks, from the molecular to the cellular, and beyond, is critical to understanding the way nature works.  It is critical if we are ever to learn how to keep our air, water, soil, and bio-diversity intact enough for humanity to thrive. It is critical if we are to sustain ourselves adequately enough that we can continue exploration in all fields.  It is critical of course, for the economy. We cannot flourish and produce jobs for a cleaner, safer world, if our students do not know biology basics.

We are at a critical time in human history, as we are constantly reminded by civil unrest, political upheaval, resource shortages, food and agricultural production and everything we depend upon for sustaining almost seven billion people.  A solid basis for all science is necessary, but none is more necessary than learning what we are made of, how our bodies and minds work, and how systems operate.

Starting with the connections between all life smaller than we, (our inner flora and fauna) that fuel and protect our bodies, and advancing outward to comprehend outward things, we all need to be outdoors more, and take our brains along.  Understanding the food web, how weather, oceans and forests regulate clean air and water, and how bio-diversity is important for all human organisms determines what choices we make.  We need to make the most informed choices that we can.

People still argue about evolution, and nonsense such as creation science or intelligent design.  There is no reason to waste energy and time searching any Holy writ for guidance about the creation.  The creation itself is stunning, astonishing,  and brilliant.  We can look at it, and learn form it. All the wisdom is there, from economics, in how nature displays frugality, efficiency, and abundance, to every art, and every science. If you cannot learn from the beauty of a tree, or the brilliance of the stars that you are a biological creation seeking to know yourself, all reading of all books, Holy, or otherwise, will be useless.

Students today at every level, need to have ready access to Biology, and all it can give to all organisms in a constantly updated, ever branching “tree” of knowledge.