If and why we Fear Death

I do not fear death and this is why! I know that is going to happen, and I have no fear of the unknown, for that very reason, if I am permitted to stay on this planet indefinitely and there is no reason why man cannot stay alive for many hundreds of years especially with the advances in medicine and in spiritual understanding as our planet is being inundated with spiritual truth from a universal source, therefore I do not think that anyone should be worried about death any more, what they really should be worried about is how to make the most of the life they currently have for what would be the worst thing, is it not to waste your life fearing death so much you never end up living?

Clearly the fear of death is way overrated, and while I would do nothing to deliberately seek out death, for I consider death still one of humanity’s enemies and not humanity’s friend or even the friend of terminally ill people for clearly life is a terminal illness when it comes right down to it, for the vast majority of individuals it ends in death, therefore unless you are one of the few that survives you are clearly not the fittest and the only ones fit to survive death or to never encounter death in the first place are those who are the most life affirming, and therefore I affirm life, and do not fear death for I know that death need not be feared if you live every single day to the fullest!

Therefore a man who lives life to the fullest need not fear death for he has no regrets, if he makes mistakes, he will correct them while he is still alive and will not have to carry needless baggage into whatever eternity that exists out there and a man that has done what his destiny held for him will always be happy whether in life or in death and since life is about happiness and success in being all you can be, I prefer to improve myself today, so that I can be better tomorrow, and I do plan to avoid death altogether by not flirting with it, meaning I am not engaging in high risk behavior and I do not engage in any relationships that could prove to be dangerous to my physical, intellectual or spiritual well being! All in all, I do not fear death because I have learned how to live!