If and why we Fear Death

Life itself is enough to fear. Fear of loosing everything we have worked hard for, fear of loosing a loved one to death or divorce, or through choices that may take those away from us. Death is truly unknown and through being human anything unknown is frightening. Just are the realities we face everyday in life.

Truly, not knowing what to expect when you get somewhere is frightening, and without a belief system some of us are doomed to allow our imaginations to wonder into the bleak unknown of death. Every day we wake up to objects around us, familiar surroundings, sights, smells, people. When we die we know these will no longer be there, so what will take there place? Even beyond that at the time of our death what will we feel, think, will it hurt? Will you reach out and no one or nothing will be there to comfort you?

I have a saying that death really is not so bad for the one who has died, yet it’s effect on those they left behind is horrible. For the one left behind all they have is memories. For the one who has gone they are free of memories. I do have a belief in a creator and so I am not afraid of death or dying. At one point in time in my life I did not have a belief and death was more frightening than ever before.

So I think that we should find faith to relieve us of any frightening thoughts. One thing I do know for certain is that one day my time here will expire, so will yours. I hope to leave good memories behind, and good things of myself for those closest to me to remember me by, and when they speak of me to those less fortunate of not having known me before my death I hope they will have only good things to say.

Death is not so scary after all, if you leave good memories of yourself behind! So make the most of every day and as the saying goes take time to smell the roses. I certainly do not want to go before I have truly had the time to live a good and full life. Share as much time with those you love. Teach what you know to others.

Death is not anything to be afraid of, it is part of the process of living. For to have life one must certainly have death. It all equals out, and though we try not to think about it for many reasons, no matter what you will die someday. Then the mystery of death will be answered, only to you, yet a lot of your life has been revealed only to you!

Enjoy your time here as short as it is on the much larger time scale. Enjoy your death for it most certainly is worth waiting for, it allowed you to experience life!