Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

The last place you want to be as a hurricane is fast approaching is in a store fighting for the last gallon of water or paying ridiculous amounts of money for batteries due to price gouging.  The best time to gather supplies in case of a hurricane is well before one is heading for your home, but most people have limited space and would prefer to not trip over stockpiles that are stored all over their house.  The following supplies are the absolute essentials when preparing for a hurricane.

* Water:

Water is often unavailable or contaminated during and after a major hurricane.  One gallon of water is needed per person per day and plan for three to seven days.  Keep in mind that water that is stored in bathtubs and sinks are not safe for drinking and should only be used to flush toilets or wash clothes.

* Non-perishable Food:

Store enough canned and boxed non-perishable, easy to prepare food to last three to seven days.  Items like canned and jarred meat, canned fruit, canned chili, shelf pudding, peanut butter, nuts, crackers, small boxes of dry cereal, dried fruits, granola bars, and canned vegetables are good items to keep on hand well ahead of time. 

* Baby Supplies:

If you have a small child remember to pack baby food like ready to drink or powdered baby formula, diapers, baby wipes, pull-ups, and medicine.

* Pet Supplies:

If you have a pet make sure you have immunization records, I.D. tags, food to last three to seven days, a carrier, a leash, and plenty of water.

* Medical Items:

Make sure you have seven days worth of all medications as well as plenty of medical supplies such as hearing aids with extra batteries, syringes, canes, eyeglasses, epi-pens, and any other items you or your family may need.

* Proper Documentation:

Have copies of medical information, insurance policies, phone numbers, passports, your deed or lease to your home, birth certificates, social security cards, and identification readily available in a waterproof container.

* First Aid Kit:

Make sure your first aid kit has bandages, gauze, tape, antibacterial ointment, tweezers, scissors, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, pain reliever, stomach medication, and medicine for every member of your family.

* Telephone:

Get a telephone that can plug into a wall jack as other phones won’t work if electricity and cellular service is out. 

* Camera:

Make sure you have a camera ready to take pictures of any damage you may have to your property.

* Additional Supplies: 

Manual Can Opener

Extra Batteries

Battery-operated radio


Insect Repellent

Personal toiletries

Chlorine Bleach

Flashlight and spare batteries for each person


Tool Kit

A Full Gas Tank

Cash including small bills

Although no one can prevent a hurricane, everyone can be as prepared as they can possibly be if one strikes.  Don’t want until the last minute.  Gather supplies now so that you will be ready.