Hurricane Damage Storm

During a hurricane, lives and property are put at a level of extreme risk. Hurricanes are one of the most destructive and deadly disasters that can occur. Many different factors create hazard during a hurricane. The effects can be deadly to humans, and can completely demolish an infrastructure. These storms can turn populated areas into a scene of utter destruction and chaos. They can also damage widespread areas, not only just coastal regions. 

Each year, about six storms develop into a hurricane. Most of those storms stay out in the ocean and do not make landfall. However, about five hurricanes strike in just the United States alone every three years, with only two of those being above a Category Three, which means it will have winds greater than one hundred eleven miles per hour. With sustained winds that high, damage and loss of life are very large concerns.

Often, hurricanes also pack many other punches. Along with torrential rain and extreme high winds, hurricanes can come along with tornadoes and severe flooding, which are a major threat within themselves. With all factors combined, major loss of life and property can easily occur.

During a hurricane, your property and/or business can be put into direct harm. With prolonged winds sometimes averaging over one hundred miles per hour, buildings start to fall apart. Debris can break windows and roofs can blow off. Trees and power lines can fall onto a structure, trapping people inside. Due to high rainfall associated with a hurricane and storm surge, residences can flood easily. These factors are indicators that staying within your home during a hurricane not the best choice for safety. Staying home during a major storm could be a deadly choice.

Hurricanes strike the coastlines usually, but the effects of it can be felt for hundreds of miles inward. If a hurricane continues to head inland, the effects can still be felt for many residents within a country. Some storms remain strong, causing tornadoes, high winds and heavy rain. This can also cause property damage and loss of life in areas that do not usually get hit by hurricanes. The effects of these dangerous storms can be felt for miles and miles inland. 

Hurricanes can be hazardous in so many ways. They can cost areas millions of dollars to rebuild from. Lives can be lost, and homes and businesses destroyed. Never underestimate the power of what a hurricane can potentially do.