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We have all heard or seen ads about perfumes that contain pheromones. Such fragrances are supposed to make you irresistible.

Pheromones are actually small organic molecules which act as a form of connection between two individuals. Special glands in the human body are responsible for the production and release of pheromones.

The glands that release pheromones are located in the armpit and the groin region. Once they are released, pheromones are usually sensed through the olfactory organs and produce a stimulus, which is recognized by the brain.

Gender pheromones play an important role in terms of sexual attraction between two individuals. They act subconsciously, making a person experience sexual desire for another person.

Human pheromones actually have no smell. They are perceived by the vomeronasal organ (VNO) or Jacobson’s organ, which is located in the nose. Through the VNO, pheromones affect the functions that are controlled by the hypothalamus. These functions include sexual desire, sexual arousal, deep emotions, hormonal levels and aggressiveness.

The sweat of men contains small amounts of pheromones, which determine whether women will find them attractive. The substance contained in sweat and acting in this manner is called androsterone.  

The female pheromone is called copulin and is mainly found in vaginal secretion. Larger amounts of these pheromone are released during a woman’s ovulation. Men sense and perceive this pheromone, feeling sudden attraction to a specific lady.

Pheromones are a relatively new discovery. Their presence was not acknowledged until 1995, after which scientists were able to isolate and separate human pheromones.

Many scientists advise that pheromones are perceived just like hormones. Hormones are chemical substances, which regulate the functioning and send messages to the different parts of the human body. Pheromones are somehow different, since their main aim is to send messages to other individuals.

These chemical signalization functions impeccably in the case of animals. You have probably noticed the manner in which dogs sniff each other. Now you can understand what this behavior is all about.

Keep in mind that it will be difficult to witness similar reactions in the case of people. We are able to control our desires, passions and emotions. Though chemically produced pheromones are included in the composition of numerous fragrances, scientists still have difficulty determining what the ‘scent’ of love actually is.

Pheromone perfumes are usually sprayed on the skin and are supposed to increase the appeal of the specific individual. These perfumes should be used in very small amounts and some studies have already confirmed their effectiveness. Unfortunately, various fake products are offered for sale and you should be cautious when going for such fragrances.

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