Human Evolution – Evolving

Evolution, defined as unfolding, change, progression, metamorphosis <>, is about what we become in the future as time unfolds. We can only move forward, for the good or the bad only time will tell, but we definitely will not go back in time in the area of advancement in lifestyle and living standards.

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is grounded on natural selection where the strongest and most adaptable survive through time, those that do not adjust become extinct. However, he forgot that nature itself has been selective of what she wants to keep. Many flora and fauna have vanished from the earth as a result of environmental changes, by nature or induced by other creatures including human.

It is only instinct that human strive for better living standards, moving up the status of Moslow’s hierarchy of needs. Humans have come a long way since time immemorial, time when humans start to use tools for agriculture, for hunting and for construction. From the very basic needs of life, we have evolved to the present world where some of us are at the high end of technology leaving many still living in primitive modes of life.

While many of you now reading this on your computer think that most part of the world lives like us and have a computer like us, the reality is just the opposite. We probably only represent 1 % of the world population, the lucky ones, that owns a computer AND have access to the Internet. Evolution of the human being is not equal but it does not mean those living on the high end of technology and social lifestyle is doing better than those who have stop short at farming and nomadic lifestyle.

Statistics have shown that urban dwellers have reproduced lesser to replace themselves and it is only time that rural dwellers migrate into the cities to fill in the gap. And as this is in progress, it leaves the rural areas becoming unattractive to live in. Many old towns around the world are left with elder folks attending to their familiar lifestyle and neighbourhood while cities grow by acres per hour.

Many of the urban dwellers cannot survive in the wild if they are thrown in suddenly, due to the lack of hunting skills and knowledge of nature and the wildlife. Some city dwellers also lack the basic skills like cooking to survive during time of chaos. Their basic survival skill to live in the wild has deteriorated in place of other skill sets like reading, writing and use of, machines and Information and Communication Technology. Nomadic farming is replaced by commercial farming and plantations can be replaced by modern farms and hydroponics.

Humans can come up with millions of ways to adapt to their environment and evolve in the direction they choose. But until a time when cities crumble and we are thrown back to primitive life that city dwellers like us will be selected by Mother Nature for extinction. Many are talking about humans upsetting the ecosystem so much that we are digging our own grave, but until the day comes, we do not know if human or nature will prevail.

Humans have been crowned the smart being in the evolution chain and we will find ways to overcome almost all adversity. In this race, it’s a matter of who wins the final race, Nature or Human. Only time will tell how we will evolve further to adapt to a ‘less’ habitable Earth we have inherited and have helped create.