How Water Determines Prosperity and Stability Stability of Nations


How many drops of water does it take to make an Iceberg? And yet with out the water – none of us on Planet Earth could survive.

It seems logical how prosperous lives depend on every drop for stability; and determines so much on where so many even live beside water. Even the oceans determine this – despite it being basically undrinkable – the shore-lines are where most of the rich and famous seek to build and live. The popularity of such are a bonus for the Building Industry alone here. Property and land prices prove that.

Then there are those who have chosen the water-ways of the Earth, to become their places of settlement. Towns and even cities draw upon every aspect of how these rivers and lakes are a draw-card, for resorts, offering water-sports, right through to the wealthiest House Boats. Some towns, have turned back in time – as colonies of ‘days gone by’ on their river-side – utilizing even ‘old time river boat’ tourism; building as if it was still the turn of the 1900’s. Tourism banks on water in such places!

While in other places the riches of water have become more treasured in their scarcity. An example of this, is just one. All in the name of ‘defense of water’, the defense forces carry their own weight in prosperity… and sense of stability. It is not only gold and oil behind every war.


The geographical facts are stark and simple: The Golan water-shed is the source for more than 55 percent of Israel’s fresh water needs and forms part of the main aquifer-system that supplies Israel with most of their water supply. Together with the Jordan river headwaters originating near the disputed “Sheeba Farms” in south Lebanon, Wazzani springs, the Hasbani and Banyas, are all receiving their main sources from the area of Mt. Hermon. It should be stressed that most of the tributary streams flowing into the Jordan and Lake Tiberias originate on the Golan slopes. As past history conflicts over these water disputes demonstrated, only an Israeli presence in the basins of these streams can assure their continued flow to Lake Tiberias. In contrast to Israel’s irreplaceable water lifeline from the Golan Heights basin to the river Jordan below, Syria obtains approximately 85 percent of the renewable water supplies from two of the Middle-East’s largest rivers – the Tigris and Euphrates flowing through its east and center regions, while and the river Orontes irrigates large parts of northern Syria. Indeed, Syria has an ongoing dispute with Turkey over its northern water resources – which in the past nearly came on the brink of war.

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Water will be – and is already proving – its own prosperity for the sake of the stability of more nations on earth. Without it… they die. The pitcher of water on the heads of those who must walk long distances just for a day’s supply to survive, is the precious commodity to those who must live, for its priceless drops. As much as the plentiful infinitesimal amounts which thunder over the biggest of water falls, right back to the spring where it first begins, at it’s fountain head.

The riches of this Element H2O have shown their worth in reverse, when stability instead goes down the drain. Wasted and dried up-streams; rivers which were dammed; where the water-locked wealth in property remains the keepers prosperity. Those who lost land and homes, long covered, are now being exposed in drought’s dry wake; of what is left of even these weirs, as now only trickles.

Salt has risen to many a surface, where once the rivers ran proud and free and plentiful; exposing what may appear just waste-land to some, and stagnant water to others. But it points the way to where it all rose from the saline oceans, before it rained down again on the earth. That prosperity can also be within its salt; and stability can return to where there is lack of fresh water. The white gold’s rich abundance of now, could never have been… without water.

What goes around, must come around, and water will always be a source of its wealth; where prosperity is measured, and stability means Life for all on Earth.