How to tell if a Loved one should see a Psychiatrist

How well do you know me?

When do I step in! now or never.

It’s always going to be hard to interject your opinions to those we care about or just feel compelled to when dealing with life alterations.

Origin of Psycho Therapy:

Dates back to the Roman Empire, where we hear of the Greeks having insight in abundance on the act of mental detection.
Concurring that mental health issues were more related to medical conditions, rather than a sign of malevolent deities..

By subjection of cause, as flaws were also found within their practice, but gave us the fundamentals

The next evolution of therapy has seen much more emphasis placed on the idea of treatment of consoling words, as documented by Freud, taking on the approach that there was a better result factor in the ability to voice opinions, “The valve of taking”

Become the listener, for he has the insight of possibilities, to steer you and guide you as YOU, run the race..!

Noticing our mental patterns can give all of us that insight, allowing us the time to wait, to observe and most important guide through support those who feel the need to talk, keeping in mind we all at various times need the ability to voice our concerns, worries, trauma’s and regrets, we unfortunately are also programmed to shut off selectively when things become to heavy.

Jesus himself provided us the platform of compassion, “Let he who are heavy burden come, and I will give you rest”

Be diligent to the gift of silence, when others need to voice concerns and their worries.

This brings us back to the question, when; how, and what do we tell those who we fear are under distress and burden.
I would like to think myself a before listener as I have aged, becoming much more aware of others surroundings, learning not to judge to quickly if at all, but to allow speech to run rampantly and freely, voice when you have something to say, never suffer in silence, I remember my sister telling me those very same words, for that I allowed myself to open up, seek the support I was looking for at a time I needed it.

It’s better to think of the benefits you can provide someone, than ignoring the idea that they may need an ear, a shoulder or more.

Watch for the signs, as we all will give then subtle or not they mean the same thing. HELP!

Open you eyes and leave the judge & jury at home, wear your opinions openly but sparingly, but must important, wait..!

Todays psychiatrist, are well versed enough to care and cover most if not all mental anguish in whatever state it leaves you in, it’s not such a dirty word, nor such a taboo subject matter, we all need a non judging, non-finger pointing advocate of the cause of providing compassion and guidance.

Don’t be a subject of suffering and isolation, open the doors of your possibility and reach out a ear or two, or hand or two, there is someone who will hold on, or listen.

Is that you, or me!