How to Suppress Bad Thoughts

How To Suppress Bad Thoughts

We all get them. Thoughts we’d rather not have. How do we cope with them? Do we let them ramble through our minds? Can we suppress them? Or can we make them go away? It may be better to make them go away. Some ways we can do this are: We can hum or sing some of our favorite songs., we can doodle, we can write, and we can talk.

When bad thoughts occur in our minds, we can hum or sing. We can hum or sing songs from our childhoods. These can be songs we learned in elementary school or at camp. These are songs that made us happy. If we are spiritual, we can hum or sing our favorite church songs. We can hum or sing popular songs that have a positive upbeat message. We can find many different songs to sing from our memory if we concentrate on thinking of them. This takes away think time from bad thoughts and drives them away.

We can doodle. We can start with pictures or lines or patterns while the bad thoughts are on our mind. We can draw and scribble until the bad thoughts seem to dissipate. We can continue drawing until we are thinking about something completely different. We can draw until we are thinking about something better.

Writing is a good way to get rid of bad thoughts. We can write down what we are thinking. Then we can write down why we don’t want to think these thoughts. We can cross out the disturbing parts of the bad thoughts. We can write down what you would rather be thinking about. We can write down times in your lives when we felt good. We can write down events in our lives that made us happy. We can write down reasons why we are good and decent. All of these things get our mind off of our bad thoughts and remind us of how good we are. If the thoughts are disturbing or frightening, these things can help us restore calm.

Talking to someone is also an option. It helps us get our minds off of what we are thinking. We can call someone who makes us feel warm and needed. We can call someone we connect with. This enables us to share our good feelings and emotions, which should defray bad thoughts and feelings.

To clear our minds of bad thoughts, we just need to get our minds on something else. Sometimes its not as easy as it sounds so we have to create diversions. The methods discussed should help. We should always try to remember times in our lives when we were happy or at our best. These are the things that will replace the bad thoughts and these are the things that will make us feel better.