How to Prepare your House for a Hurricane

Weather is not always predictable. Any point in time a hurricane can strike and if not prepared, you will greatly suffer from the storm’s hit.

 A hurricane is storm with violent wind, particularly a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean, thus according to the Free Dictionary. Hurricanes convey strong, violent winds traveling at 100 miles per hour, far above the ground and water floods reaching heights of 20 feet. There mainly prominent in the months of June to November, Therefore it is of paramount importance to equip your self and adequately prepare for a violent storm. 

The first thing you should do after knowing that your house is in jeopardy of being hit by a hurricane is to use permanent hurricane shutters on windows and doors. This measure should be put in place before a hurricane watch is posted.

When using plywood to fit the windows it is recommended to use 3/ 4 inch plywood and drilling screw holes 18 inches apart all round it. It is important to protect windows so that a gust of wind doesn’t destroy your property after the window has been broken. When the wind blows heavily indoors the possibility of the roof being blown away is high. Therefore it is important to make sure windows are protected during a hurricane. Warning! Do not stay in a house with unprotected windows during a storm, its dangerous.

It is important to clear the surroundings of your house before a storm. Make a list of out door items that needs to be taken inside during a hurricane. This is part of a planning process for the crucial episode. Having a list of out door items that need to be taken inside is imperative as it serves as a reminder so that you won’t forget any furniture or yard tool outside. 

If you know that your house is situated in a zone liable to flooding it is best to clear gutters and drains. Clearing gutters and drains prevents flooding during the session of heavy rain that often accompanies hurricanes.

Remove weak and dead trees or keep trees and shrubs trimmed so that when the 30 mph wind blows the dead tree brunches will not be a danger to your house.

Develop an evacuation plan. This is a very essential step in ensuring your family’s safety when a hurricane hits. The family emergency plan must include ways and means family members will communicate together, safe places of vacating, and other important contacts you will need. 

It’s best to have a survival kit ready. This kit should contain

Adequate water supplies, at least one gallon of water per person

Food including non perishables

Water and food for pets

First aid kit- medicines, prescription drugs

Toiletries- feminine supplies, tissue paper and other hygienic items

Sleeping bags or warm blankets for each person

Flash light and a lot of  batteries

Manual can opener

Fire extinguishers

Battery powered radio

Books and other games for kid’s entertainment

It is also important to invest in flood insurances for your house and when vacating the house don’t forget the insurance certificates, its best to put them in your evacuation bag.

Always stay alert, listening to weather forecast and hurricane warning so that you will not be caught unaware.