How to Prepare Children for Bad Weather

During cold weather your primary concern is usually your children. This is because children are more vulnerable to cold and heat than adults.

How could you prepare your children for bad weather? The following are pointers in preparing them:

1. Teach them the ABCs of survival

Give specific instructions; e.g.

“When no adult is around and a flash flood occurs, transfer to higher grounds to the 2nd floor or the topmost portion of the house.”

“If phone is accessible, call 911.” Give to your children the corresponding emergency number in your locality.

You can teach them also Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation CPR. This would be useful every where.

2. Teach your child how to dress properly for cold weather

Just like in giving them instructions on survival, be specific. Instruct them the step by step process of using a parka properly; what particular types of outfit to wear.

“You cannot go outside during a snow storm. Always ask for the help of adults when going out for some inevitable reasons.”

“Wear your bonnet, gloves, two layered stockings, a sweatshirt and a thick jacket.” So be sure their clothing is sufficient for bad weather.

3. Make them aware of the dangers of bad weather

“Frost bite can kill you.”

“You can get lost in a snow storm, so don’t venture outside,” and many more.

It is important that they are aware of all the dangers that inclement weather brings so they would know what to expect and how to cope with it.

4. If they are old enough, teach them how to turn on the heater or whatever household appliance that would be needed during bad weather. It is always safe to cover all possibilities. You might not be there to always do those important things for them.

5. Have an alternative indoor activity for them

This is to ensure that they stay indoors and that they would not feel bored. Boredom will cause them to be restless and uneasy and they may try to find an outdoor activity which would endanger their safety.

6. Prepare your kid emotionally by assuring them that bad weather will soon come to pass and that you are there to oversee things. In case you’re not there, then ensure your children that you had taught them well with about these occurrences and that they would be able to cope up would be okay.

Teach him how to relax and channel his anxiety by performing useful activities instead of just waiting around doing nothing. Let them know that you took precautions for everything.

All in all, children who are “ready” would always cope more quickly during bad weather. All it takes is for a responsible parent to coach and guide them during the interim of the bad weather and let them know that you trust their capability in surviving bad weather. This will reduce their anxiety and stress.