How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better – 16 Tips!

There are a TON of protein powders on the market today and lets face it, some of them taste BLAND as heck! Sometimes they taste so bland or bad that you have to choke them down or even worse you there are chunks of powder that didn’t mix in that you have to force back when drinking it! But friends, when it comes to how to make protein shakes taste better, we have created a big list of things to add to your protein shake to make it taste like a treat! Check it out below!

How To Make Your Protein Shake Taste Greate

Peanut/Almond Butter

This is a win win scenario. Adding peanut butter or almond butter to a shake will make it taste amazing as well as give you extra protein grams. If you are worried about fat, first off its a good fat, but don’t ad heaping scoops to it. One or two table spoons will create a more flavorful protein shake.


Get a cup of greek yogurt and add blend it in with your smoothie. These small containers are only a dollar a piece, or less and have zero fat and will also give you around 13 grams of extra protein. They have a variety of flavors that you can buy to allow you to switch the taste up.


Try adding an apple, some pineapple, oranges or a banana to your protein shake. It is low in calories and can add a natural sweetened flavor that will make your beverage taste better. Also you can get a good allotment of fiber in by adding some raspberries. Even beats make a protein drink more flavorful!


This healthy additive can provide excellent taste to a protein shake as well as provide you with a good portion of fiber. It also makes the protein shake more hearty, giving you a healthy dose of extra calories, keeping you satiated longer. Feel free to throw in some chia seeds or macha root to spice it up a little more.

Almond Milk

Almond milk tastes pretty darn good, and the fact that it only has 40 calories per 8 oz’s, it makes it a low calorie option to create a better tasting protein shake. It is also packed with vitamin day, which acording to a study, a glass of almond milk contains the EXACT same quantity of Vitamin D that cows milk does and has NO cholesterol in it. Almond milk also falls under the vegan category, making a great option for our vegan friends out there!

Regular Milk

If almond milk isn’t your thing, there is nothing wrong with filling your blender up with milk then throwing your scoops of powder in. Heck treat your self sometimes and even add chocolate milk! It is a great recovery drink, especially if you are drinking your protein shakes after your done with your workout.


Purchase a jug of apple juice or orange juice and mix your powder in with it. It will cut the taste of bland protein powder and give you adding benefits of consuming fruit juice.

Raw Honey

Bees work their butt of to make this stuff, why not add it to your shake?! It tastes good and can eliminate bad tasting protein powder!


This fermented beverage can become your natural sprite. It tastes great and is very good for you. Adding this fermented beverage can turn you protein shake into an enjoyable fizzy treat!

Organic Chocolate Syrup

Drip a little bit of chocolate syrup into your shake. It can really make your protein shake pop, just don’t add too much as you will defeat that purpose of keeping it healthy.


Kefir has a similar consistency to yogurt and can not only add better flavor to your protein powder but can also provide you with a myriad of different health benefits, the most known being probiotics. Adding kefir to your shake can not only allow you to get your protein grams in but also create better gut health. Better gut bacteria will allow you to process and utilize the protein powder that you are ingesting! Agin, win win!


This natural sweetener, either in liquid or powdered form can add a sweeter taste to your protein shakes, and have a variety of health benefits. You can also use other natural sweeteners like agave, coconut sugar or even molasses!

Frozen Yogurt

Find a healthy low calorie frozen yogurt and add a scoop or two to your shake. It will give it a smoothie taste instead of a powdery consistency, adding froth to your liquid beverage!

Add Ice

Adding some crushed ice to protein shakes makes them taste more like a whole food instead of plain liquid protein and do so without added calories to your shake. You are using chewing more too, instead of just swallowing the whole thing, signaling to your mind that you are ingesting calories, allowing it to register as being more full.

Coffee Beans

For all of my coffee loving friends out there! Just a small amount of coffee beans blended into your shake can really add a pungent taste to your beverage making you forget about the bland tasting powder.

Finding Tasty Brands

Like we first talked about, there are so many brands on the market nowadays, but you don’t really know what they taste like until you open them up. Once you open it up and don’t like it, it’s too late to take it back! Doing some research and finding what the net is saying about good tasting shakes can be a great place to finding your favorite protein powder.


So there you have it my friends. A list to use to get your protein shake game on point and enjoy it, not dread drinking it!